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It has been argued that we have moved into the age of personalization. One can see this while ordering drinks at a local Starbucks, where options are limitless. This personalization has been called the Fifth Industrial Revolution, a time noted for a deep, multi-level cooperation between people and machines. With emphasis on innovation, purpose, and inclusivity, this revolution calls for changes in the classroom setting to focus on relationships and lived experiences. So, how do we prepare our preservice teachers for this reality? Methods of instruction that create an engaging and collaborative learning community need to be considered when designing classroom experiences. The five facets of personalized learning will be examined through the lens of student research and application. These facets include assessments, instructional rigor, equity, study agency, and classroom culture. Qualitative data will be shared emphasizing student experiences as they engage in research and implementation of personalized learning tools during their field experiences. In addition to this, data from administrator and mentor teacher surveys regarding our teacher preparation program will be examined to better understand viewpoints from the schools that host our teacher candidates. Situated learning theory will be cited to emphasize the necessity of learning in context for preservice teachers.



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