About This Journal

The Journal of Indigenous Research was created to support the mission of the Kariwhahawi Institute.

The Kariwhahawi Institute (KI) mission is to centralize Native American, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian, Maori education, health and environmental research, disseminate materials to communities and provide training for Native students.

Note: "Kariwhahawi" (Ga lee wah ha wee) is Mohawk for "Carrying the Word/News"

The colors of purple and white represent the colors of the wampum. The wampum are the most important bead in the history of this continent. The wampum are made from the quahog and channel whelk shells. Woven belts of wampum have been used to tell the story of important historical events such as treaties, and to convey news from one tribe to another. For example, the Iroquois Confederacy was codified in a series of wampum belts that are held by the Iroquois tribes with replicas in museums. Wampum was used as a form of communication between tribal groups with different spoken languages thus the colors of the Journal banner are purple and white.