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Research in Engineering and Technology Education


National Center for Engineering and Technology Education

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The purpose of this study was to describe a process of preparing technology education teachers to teach engineering design concepts in the context of technology education. This process was identified through a study of professional development activities that were organized and conducted by technology teacher education partner universities of the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE) to prepare middle school and high school technology teachers to infuse engineering design, problem solving, content, and analytical skills into the K-12 curriculum. A collective multisite case study formed the methodology for this study. Data were collected through individual interview sessions that lasted 30-40 minutes, video footage, observations and artifacts. A total of 15 interviews were individually analyzed, and then compared through a cross-case analysis. Professional development emerged as a core theme and comprised the following sub themes: planning, communities of practice, professional development administration and learning environment, professional development for technology education teachers, professional development activities in the classroom, assessment, expertise, and meaning making.


This report made publicly available by the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE).

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