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This book is intended to both serve as a reference guide and a text for a course on Applied Mathematical Programming for upper undergraduate and Master level students in Economics, Applied Economics, Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Management; primarily based on McCarl and Spreen (2013). The material presented in McCarl and Spreen (2013) concentrates upon conceptual issues, problem formulation, computerized problem solution, and results interpretation; it is designed for the advanced readers who are familiar with mathematical economics including linear and matrix algebra and also with advanced modeling skills. Upper level undergraduate and/or Master students may not be beneficial from the book.

This booklet is intended to serve as an introductory guide and covers very basics of conceptual issues in mathematical programming and explores problem formulation with applied issues in decision making. Advanced topics including solution algorithms will be discussed only to the extent necessary to build the model and interpret solutions.

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Linear Programming, decision variables, linear constraints, applied, mathematical programming


Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematical Programming