Aims & Scope

The role of Cooperative Extension is to extend university-generated research to the public; a core mission of land-grant universities in the United States. Utah State University (USU) Extension focuses on seven Critical Issues consistent with NIFA goals:

  1. Global Food Security and Hunger
  2. Climate Change and Management of Natural Resources
  3. Nutrition and Health
  4. Food Safety
  5. Healthy, Financially Secure Families
  6. Youth Development
  7. Community Resilience

USU Extension provides non-formal education to adults and youth on these seven Critical Issues. Extension programs are designed to improve the lives of residents throughout the state of Utah.

The aim of OIQ is to communicate the impact of USU Extension programming to stakeholders, the academic community, and residents. The purpose of OIQ is to demonstrate the role of USU Extension in solving societal problems related to the seven Critical Issues. OIQ seeks to provide timely updates on the public value of Extension through informative evaluation articles.