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Characterization of the Semi-Annual-Oscillation in Mesospheric Temperatures at Low-Latitudes

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  • The semi annual oscillation (SAO) was first identified by REED (1962) in the stratospheric temperature
  • The SAO in the upper stratosphere and lower mesosphere in both temperature and wind was confirmed by later observations mainly using meteorological rockets (e.g. Angell and Korshover, 1970; Belmont et al., 1975; Cole and Kantor, 1978).
  • Hirota (1978) showed that, in addition to the SAO peaking at stratopause, the equatorial mesospheric wind SAO also peaks at mesopause.
  • SAO characteristics in mesospheric temperatures were first identified using solar mesospheric explorer (SME) data. However, investigations on mesospheric SAO signatures in temperatures are rather sparse till date.


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