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This special issue was born of a series of challenges. As a scholar in the field of cultural adaptations, Domenech Rodríguez had presented and published numerous works, which were met with particular excitement from practitioners hoping to gain insights into how to translate research findings into their diverse clinical practices. When asked “how can I make these cultural adaptations with my clients?” her honest answer was, “I am not sure.” The question posed a wonderful challenge to make research relevant in the real world. How could we take the lessons learned from cultural adaptations conducted as part of grant-funded work that was carried out within research teams and with much mentorship and support from colleagues and transport them to clinicians’ private practices? Meanwhile, Koslofsky was training doctoral students in clinical skills and challenged by her students to bring her course materials on cultural adaptations alive in supervision and clinical practice. She engaged this task with vigor and her efforts led to a panel at the biennial conference of the Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race where both guest editors met in person and issued the final challenge to each other: Can wefind other psychotherapists who are doing the same work? And can we find a home to share this great work with other clinicians? Clinical Case Studies was the perfect home, and we are boththrilled to be able to advance our social justice goals to reduce health disparities in mental health by sharing excellent examples for how to culturally adapt psychotherapy to improve fit, relevance, and outcomes for ethnically and culturally diverse clients.

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