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As I write these lines, Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research has fully transitioned to the editorial stewardship of Dr. Debi Brannan. It is a bittersweet time; I treasured deeply the tasks of editing the Psi Chi Journal. For nearly 5 years, I benefitted from reading cutting-edge research in broad topics across psychology. I was inspired by the knowledge that most of the authors were up-and-coming researchers whose sense of efficacy could be nurtured through a positive publication experience. I reveled in the beauty of watching undergraduate and graduate researchers shine, faculty mentors nurture our next generation of researchers, and colleagues support Psi Chi Journal authors in putting forth the best possible work. I retain a sense of awe at watching a community of scholars seamlessly collaborate for the greater good of science and psychology. I step down with a sense of having gained much more than I contributed. This editorial summarizes the road we—the editorial team—traveled during my years as editor of this fine Journal. The Journal editorial team accomplishments since November of 2011 and until July of 2016 included advances in both structure and function of the Journal.

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