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Training and Education in Professional Psychology






American Psychological Association

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As TEPP’s new editorial team begins their term, the authors discuss their vision for the journal as a forum for thoughtful conceptual examination and sound empirical investigation of current issues in health service psychology (HSP) education and training. The editorial team articulates three primary goals for the journal, including (1) engaging the broad training community in sharing its best conceptual and empirical work relevant to the varied levels, settings, and areas of education and training in HSP; (2) advancing the science of education and training through strong empirical research; and (3) expanding our emphasis on the sociocultural context in which education and training occurs, to advance multicultural competence and humility within HSP and the profession’s potential to make positive evidence-based impacts on societal issues. The editorial team invites TEPP readers to join in pursuit of these goals, as authors, reviewers, and readers. In addition to general submissions, TEPP welcomes submission to sections devoted to innovations and emerging practices, diversity and inclusion in education and training, and other high-impact topics. TEPP encourages readers to work collaboratively on manuscripts that will build the scientific foundations of education and training, to reach out and support new contributors and consumers of the journal, and to contact the editorial team with ideas that can help extend TEPP’s reach and relevance to the training community, as well as to the policymakers, practitioners, and consumers of our profession.