LGBTQ Caregiver Acceptance Scale (LCAS): Development and Validation With a Latinx Sample

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Journal of Family Psychology






American Psychological Association

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Caregiver acceptance and rejection is crucial to the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people. Research shows that caregivers are affected by having an LGBTQ child/family member, yet studies have neglected to capture the experiences of Latinx caregivers. We present the development and initial validation of the LGBTQ Caregiver Acceptance Scale (LCAS) with a Latinx sample. We developed items based on a review of the literature, expert feedback (N = 9), and community member feedback (N = 9; Study 1). We then assessed the factor structure through exploratory factor analysis (EFA) in a sample of 215 Latinx caregivers of LGBTQ people (Study 2). The final LCAS consists of 40 items and six dimensions of Latinx caregivers' acceptance and rejection of their LGBTQ child/family member: Outness, Caregiver Acceptance, Concealment, Respeto, Attitudes Toward Queer Parenting, and Supportive Actions. Convergent and divergent validity was performed to compare the LCAS to other constructs of caregiver acceptance and rejection, family conflict and cohesion, and attitudes toward the LGBTQ community. As hypothesized, all subscale scores and total score were found to be significantly correlated with the constructs used for comparison. This validated measure of LGBTQ-specific acceptance and rejection among caregivers provides a rich opportunity to understand family processes and help inform evidence-based interventions. We provide implications for clinicians working with Latinx caregivers of LGBTQ youth.