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USU Libraries Land Acknowledgement Workshop Part 2
Dean McGuire, Clint Pumphrey, and Nick Gittins


Involving Youth in Centers for Independent Living and the IL Movement
Jefferson Clark Sheen, M. Hafen, D. Whitmer, V. Anaya, and M. Lefevor


Inclusive Postsecondary Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities
Jefferson Clark Sheen, Robert Morgan, and J. Schultz


Utah’s Postsecondary Education Programs for Young Adults with Disabilities: A Spectrum of Options
Robert Morgan, Jefferson Clark Sheen, S. Bodily, A. McLean, S. Lewis, P. Morrison, and L. Bowen


Supporting Parents to Facilitate Transition to Adult Life
Jefferson Clark Sheen and L. Smith


Diagnosis in Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities
Ty Aller, Teresa Larsen, and Jefferson Clark Sheen


The Impact of Disaster on Individuals with Disabilities and Collaborative Approaches to Inclusive Emergency Preparedness
Laura M. Stough, Elizabeth McAdams Ducy, Amy Sharp, Judith Holt, and Jefferson Clark Sheen


Inclusive Postsecondary Education: Multi-State Responses to Capacity Building through Collaboration and Strategic Planning
Wendy Parent-Johnson, Richard Parent-Johnson, Kathy Olson, Deborah Circo, T. Romero, Jefferson Clark Sheen, Daniel Bier, William MacLean, Sandy Root-Elledge, and Rebekah Moras

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