Most Recent Additions


Satisfying Instream Flow Needs Under Western Water Rights
Jay M. Bagley, M. ASCE, Dean T. Larson, and Lee Kapaloski


Determining the Sensitivity of Grassland Area Burned to Climate Variation in Xilingol, China, With an Autoregressive Distributed Lag Approach
Ali Hassan Shabbir, Jiquan Zhang, Xingpeng Liu, James A. Lutz, Carlos Valencia, and James D. Johnston


Attendance Trends Threaten Future Operations of America’s State Park Systems
Jordan W. Smith, Emily J. Wilkins, and Yu-Fai Leung


Qualitative Research: Analyzing Life
Johnny Saldana and Matt Omasta


Multi-Trophic Species Interactions Shape Seascape-Scale Coral Reef Vegetation Patterns
Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Kristin Precoda, Alastair R. Harborne, Trisha B. Atwood, Chris M. Roelfsema, and Osmar J. Luiz


Application of TOPNET in the Distributed Model Intercomparison Project
Christina J. Bandaragoda, David G. Tarboton, and Ross Woods


A Relational Model for Environmental and Water Resources Data
Jeffery S. Horsburgh, David G. Tarboton, David R. Maidment, and Ilya Zaslavsky


Watershed Management and Water Production Study for State of Utah
Ibrahim Nourein Mohammed and David G. Tarboton


A Generalized Additive Soil Depth Model based upon Topographic and Land Cover Attributes
Teklu K. Tesfa, David G. Tarboton, David G. Chandler, and James P. McNamara


Parallel Algorithms for Processing Hydrologic Properties from Digital Terrain
Robert M. Wallace, David G. Tarboton, Daniel W. Watson, Kimberly A. T. Schreuders, and T. K. Tesfa


A Sensor Network for High Frequency Estimation of Water Quality Constituent Fluxes Using Surrogates
Jeffery S. Horsburgh, Amber Spackman Jones, David K. Stevens, David G. Tarboton, and Nancy O. Mesner

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