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Leland Stanford Junior University Baccalaureate Sunday
Leland Stanford Junior University


Letters from William Kerr and his secretary
William J. Kerr and D. E. Stephens


3D-Printed Wings with Morphing Trailing-Edge Technology
Benjamin C. Moulton and Douglas F. Hunsaker


Economic Impacts of Drought in Utah: Uintah and Ouray Reservation
Tatiana Drugova, Kynda R. Curtis, and Man-Keun Kim


Economic Implications of Impact of Climate Change on the Water, Energy, Food Nexus
Anastasia W. Thayer, Yingqian Yang, and Bruce C. McCarl


The Impact of ELD Trucking Regulations on Cattle Prices in the South
Anastasia W. Thayer, Charley C. Martinez, Justin R. Benavidez, and David P. Anderson


On the Road Again: Potential Regional Price Impacts of ELD Regulation
Anastasia W. Thayer, Justin R. Benavidez, Charley C. Martinez, and David P. Anderson


Evaluating Strategies to Drought Proof the Ranch
Justin R. Benavidez, Pancho J. Abello, David P. Anderson, Charley C. Martinez, and Anastasia W. Thayer


The Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus in Islanded Communities and High Latitudes: Issues, Pathways, and Implications
Srijan Aggarwal, Elaine Drew, Daisy Huang, Pips Veazey, Anupma Prakash, Larry Hinzman, Anastasia W. Thayer, and all HLFEW participants


Disconnect within Agriculture and Ecosystem Climate Effects, Adaptations and Policy
Anastasia W. Thayer, Aurora M. Vargas, Thomas E. Lacher, and Bruce A. McCarl


The Challenge of Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture: an Economically Oriented Review
Bruce A. McCarl, Anastasia W. Thayer, and Jason P. H. Jones

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