Truly effective small satellite missions require success across multiple systems. These systems include: launch, satellite, payload, ground network, mission operations and data analysis. Over the past few decades, satellite mission and systems developers have made critical advancements in each of these areas. These advancements have proven the utility of small satellite missions in military, civilian, and commercial endeavors. The 29th AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites will explore the current state and future possibilities within the critical systems that support mission success.

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General John E. Hyten Keynote Address
Pre-Conference Workshop
Technical Session I: All Systems Go!
Technical Session II: Launch
Technical Session III: Next on the Pad
Technical Session IV: Advanced Technologies I
Technical Session V: Year in Review
Technical Session VI: Ground Systems and Communications
Technical Session VII: Opportunities, Trends and Initiatives
Technical Session VIII: Student Competition
Technical Session IX: Education
Technical Session X: Advanced Technologies II
Technical Session XI: Advanced Technologies III
Technical Session XII: Science/Mission Payloads
Poster Session I
Poster Session II
Poster Session III
Poster Session IV
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