Pre Game-Day Shooting Competition

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Rachel BrewsterFollow

Date Collected

Fall 12-2017

Place item was collected

Logan, UT. Utah State University


Rachel Brewster

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

I was born in 1997 (20 years old) in Kalamunda, Western Australia, Australia. I moved to Melbourne, Australia when I was ten years old. I now live in Logan, Utah, USA. I attend Utah State University and I play on the USU Women's Basketball Team. I have been playing basketball for ten years. I have many superstitions when it comes to basketball.


I collected this item one day after practice, the competition always takes place after practice, the whole team and the coaches are all there and all participate. Not all players and coaches get to shoot on the same day however.


The shooting competition always takes place after practice on the day before a

game. Not everyone gets to shoot on the same day, each class is grouped

together and then the coaches and staff are grouped together. for the competition

you have to make one layup, one free-throw, one three point shot and one half

court shot in thirty seconds in order to score one point. We have been doing this

contest for over three years now but we recently thought of getting rid of it because

we didn't do it before one of our games and we broke a 6 game losing streak.


I think I explained the competition as clearly as possible. It's a fun competition but I think I captured the real superstition factor in there.


English 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G2: Leisure Activities - Recreation, Sports, Games

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