Student Collector

Tiffany CarltonFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-1-2017

Place item was collected

Fruit Heights, Utah


Tyler McCowan

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Tyler McCowan is currently my boyfriend, we met 3 years ago working at Domino’s Pizza, and we have been dating for a year. Tyler was raised in Layton and Kaysville Utah, and now resides in Fruit Heights, Utah. He was raised LDS but is now an Agnostic Atheist. His family is very complicated, and he rebelled a lot in his teenage years. He graduated from David High School. He is 21 years old and works as a press break operator, he spends most of his free time on the internet looking at sites like Reddit and Imgur to find things to laugh at. Tyler enjoys games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering with his friends. In the three years I have known him Tyler is always quick to share random crude jokes with friends and often goes for an hour just telling random jokes to the people he is with off the top of his head. He is always trying to make me and others laugh.


Tyler told me this joke in his room in Fruit Heights, casually laying on his bed. When asked if there was anyone he wouldn’t tell this joke to he said no, which I believe is true but I am sure he wouldn’t tell I to someone who had the power to fire him. In have however heard him tell such jokes to his sisters and mother, and if he would tell these jokes to them I am pretty sure he would tell them to almost anybody. Tyler would normally tell this joke hanging around with friends. Tyler first heard this joke on the website Reddit. Some things you would need to know to understand this joke are that priests usually are not supposed to be having affairs with the members of their congregation, and when you go in to give a confessional the priest is usually the one giving it in a dark room with a wall so the priest can’t see who you are


So one day this little boy is home, he walks in his mother and a man having an affair, he hides in the closet to watch them, as they don’t notice him. The boy’s father comes home, the mother pushes the man into the closet with the little boy not knowing he is already in there. The boy says “it sure is dark in here” the man replies “yes it is.” The boy tells the man, “I have a baseball glove,” the man replies “okay how much?” The little boy says $750. The man tells him that it is too much. The little boy says “my father is right outside”. The man response “okay” and hands over the money. The little boy gives him the glove. A few days pass and the same thing happens, the little boy says, “it sure is dark in here” the man replies “yes it is.” The little boy says “I have a baseball.” Remembering what happened last time the man asks “how much?” the little boy says $250. The man hands over the money gets the baseball and eventually they leave. A few days later the boy’s father tells him to go get his mitt and his ball so they can play catch the little boy says he can’t because he sold the mitt and the ball to his friends. The boy’s father asks how much he sold him for. The boy tells him $1000. The boy’s father says he overcharged his friends and that he needs to go confess about this. He takes him to the church and sends the little boy to the confessional booth. After a moment of silence the little boy looks around “it sure is dark in here.” The priest says “not this time you little shit, this time you are in my closet.”


This was Tyler’s response when I asked for a long joke. He wasn’t very excited to have to tell a longer joke but he did it for me. When telling the joke he spoke in his normal speaking voice but he took a lot of pauses between lines, almost like he was trying to figure out the best way to word it and to make sure he didn’t mess up the joke. He was pretty serious and matter of fact during the joke but then laughed with me when he reached the punch line. I had not actually heard him tell this joke before to a group of people so I am not sure if the way he told it would be different than when he just told me in his bedroom.


English 2210


Professor McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G4: Formula Tales

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