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Rachel BrewsterFollow

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Fall 11-2017

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Logan, UT. Utah State University


Rachel B

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My point of discovery for this piece of folklore is my sister Renee, She sent this particular meme to me via Facebook. Renee Was born in Perth, Western Australia, Australia and currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, she is twenty two years old, female, she is currently studying part time and working part time. She is studying Human Movement Science and Sport Recreation Management and works as customer service at a recreation/fitness centre. Renee loves memes and it is the primary way that she and I communicate.


I collected the folklore (meme) from my iPhone while walking on campus on November 3rd, I was not with anyone else so I didn’t go on and share the meme with anyone else. Because this folklore is online, it can be shared to anyone at any time. The folklore was collected as it would naturally be shared, via Facebook. It was shared between myself and my sister and there are many different versions of this particular meme and Renee and I always find them and send them to each other. We have to send them to each other over social media because we live so far away. Using our phones to communicate and share memes with each other is very familiar to us because we live on opposite sides of the world so it is basically our only mode of communication. When Renee sent me the meme she was sitting at home watching TV with our dog and I was walking on campus going to a class. Memes have become are very large part of internet culture, they are a great form of entertainment and amusement and are of course easy to share. Most of the time spent communicating with my sister is by sharing memes with each other.


see attached image.


Renee is always excited about memes, whenever we send memes to each other we generally reply within a couple of minutes. With this particular meme we always share what type of object describes us the best that day. A lot of laugh emojis are used, she is always laughing or comments on how funny the memes are. There is generally a lot of enthusiastic and happy communication e.g. OMG, YES!! That’s me! Etc.


Introduction to Folklore/English2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G9: Internet Memes

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