Underwear Superstition

Student Collector

Rachel BrewsterFollow

Date Collected

Fall 11-2017

Place item was collected

Logan, UT. Utah State University


Lizzy Klinker

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Lizzy Klinker is my best friend. She played on the same basketball team as me at USU. Lizzy was born in Great Falls, Montana, grew up in Fairfield, Montana, and currently lives in Logan, Utah. Lizzy is one of four kids, she has an older brother and sister and a younger sister. She is studying Agricultural Business. Lizzy has been playing basketball since she was five years old. She identifies as Catholic and Lutheran.


I collected the folklore from Lizzy after practice one day. I asked her if she had any superstitions and she offered this one, although she said she had any more. The way I collected the folklore was not in the correct manner of how it would usually be used. Usually, Lizzy said, no one ever notices that she wears the same underwear all the time so it's really subtle.


"When I play, I have to wear the same underwear for every

game... so sports bra, undies, compression shorts, stuff like

that. It started when I was having a rough patch in high

school---I wasn't playing as well as I wanted to be and then

one day I had a really good game... So I decided that I was

going to wear the same stuff for the next game we played and

I played well again. So I guess it has been kind of ingrained

in me to stick with what works... which means wearing the

same undies.


Lizzy was pretty nonchalant about sharing her superstition, maybe because it's a common one to have. She sticks by her superstition and is convinced that she wont play as well if thres no post players on the court.


English 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G2: Leisure Activities - Recreation, Sports, Games

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