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Farmers in the irrigated sections of Utah are confronted by several difficult problems in the management of their farms. The farms are far distant from the consumption centers of the country which results in high freight rates and a need to produce concentrated products for market, and also in violent fluctuations in farm prices. The farms usually consist of relatively few crop acres which makes intensive usage necessary for an adequate sized business. Most farms also include a considerable acreage of land unsuited to tillage. The utilization of this land makes necessary the inclusion in the farm business of a forage-consuming livestock enterprise. Land values are high, as are some other fixed costs, such as land taxes and assessments for irrigation water. This also makes necessary a utilization of the land that will result in a relatively large income per acre.

This study was made for the purpose of adding some facts to the limited fund of information concerning the economic factors that affect the financial success or failure of farming under the conditions described. More specifically the objectives were: ( 1) to ascertain and emphasize the factors affecting the incomes from farming, and (2) to ascertain the place that dairy cows should occupy in the organization of farms under these conditions.



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