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January 1980


This model is designed to calculate the drawdown of a piezometric surface or water table at a given point of interest in a well field. Many different well and aquifer hydraulic conditions can be considered. The effect of field boundaries is solved by the image well theory. Many points of interest, well (recharge or injection), boundaries (barrier or recharge), and time increments as well as constant and variable pumping rate case have been included in the model. The drawdown at a point of interest can be decomposed into the following compenents for each real well due to the effect of: the existence of boundaries, partial penetration of the well in the aquifer, and the well loss at the walls of the well due to turbulent flow. Both the International Systems of Units (SI) and the English system are available. The option of using graph of drawdown vs distance or drawdown vs time is also available. Also included in this thesis is a well-spacing design problem as an application of the model.