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January 1996


Preface: The following report was prepared by the utah Water Research Laboratory of Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Volume 1 of the UWRL report USU--400A contains the data summary and conclusions of flow tests conducted with different plant types and ecosystem groupings of shrubs and woody vegetation in the hydraulics flumes of Utah State University. The methodology and equations that were developed to predict flow resistance for fultiple plant types include the effects of plant fexibility, varying plant density, plant characteristics, and multiple plant stems. The study included over 214 flow tests, testing of 20 different plant types, 5 different combinations or groupings of plants, and the measurements of flow resistance, plant drag forces, velocity profiles, and shear stress. The analysis and development included a comparison with the methods of other researchers and a comparison with field data collected from several river systems. A detail example is presented to demonstrate an iterative solution for determingin flow depth and resistance of a flood plain with several types of plant cover. Volume 2 of the UWRL report USU-400B contains the test data from the two phases of large flume testing (Appendix A and B), the test data from the sectional flume testing (Appendix D), and a discussion of Compound Flood Channels (Appendix E).