Farooq Nazir

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Publication Date

January 1967


The present status of knowledge of turbulent flow is inadequate, especially in the case of rough open channels, for the formulation of a general theory. It is believed that more experimental data and the subsequent interpretation of these data are necessary before a workable theory can be formulated. Hence, a description of the turbulence present in a rough open channel can be valuable. For this study an artificially roughened bed 48 feet in length was placed in a channel 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Measurements were made of the following properties of turbulence at three different slopes: 1. Intensity of turbulence. 2. Autocorrelation and cross-correlation coefficients. 3. Microscale and macroscale of turbulence. 4. One-dimensional energy and dissipation spectra. All the measurements were taken with a piezoelectric total head tube in combination with necessary electronics equipment. The results have been presented in the form of dimensionless curves as far as possible. These curves are compared with published data.