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Need and Importance of Study

Water demands in Utah are continuously increasing. It is essential that these demands be me to insure the continued enhancement of the social and economic well-being of all sectors of our society. Since water needs must be met from a relatively fixed water supply it is imperative that supplies be managed for complete utilization in such a way that all legitimate requirement scan be satisfied.

As our available water supplies are used more completely by making a given supply satisfy more than one use, water quality problems become more pronounced. The multiplicity of uses to which water may be put as it moved through a hydrologic system is limited only as its quality is reduced below acceptable standards of particular users, or as its quantity is reduced through evapotranspiration. Thus, a water supply may be reduced just as effectively by lowering its quality as if it is consumed or otherwise transported from a region.

In several areas of Utah, water quality problems are aggravated by contributions of highly mineralized springs. These feed into regular water supplies, thus impairing or completely destroying their usefulness – especially during periods of low streamflow. An inventory of sources of such mineralized springs, their quantities and qualities, along with an evaluation of their effects on natural waters, might suggest possible management and control measurements which could materially extend the usefulness of certain water supplies in the state.

Specifically, the major objectives of this investigation were:

1. To obtain an inventory of mineralized spring waters with respect to location, hydrologic and geologic setting, and quantity and quality of water.

2. To make an appraisal of current and potential effects of these springs on important usable supplies.

3. To evaluate possible management and control measures aimed at extending the usefulness of principal water supplies.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 17, 2012.