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January 1976


The primary purposes of this report are to indicate the following two research items in connection with the management of the water resource system of the Great Salt Lake:\ 1. Research needs and priorities. 2. A research coordination strategy. Research needs are identified by the report in terms of (1) various management, or use, categories (such as lake industries), and (2) the need to understand the physical characteristics of the lake system itself. The research needs are identified in each category as information (including data) or understanding gaps, in cases where there seems to be sufficient information, a research need is assumed not to exist. In the case of the Great Salt Lake system, the development of a management plan is still in the early stages, so that research needs are not prioritized in terms of a specific plan. However, the various research needs are grouped into four broad categories in terms of priority levels for pro viding planners with the needed information to proceed logically with the development of a management plan which of necessity will by dynamic in terms of changing social needs and priorities. In order for research to develop information about the lake system in accordance with management needs and priorities, a research coordination procedure is proposed. The objective of this procedure is to coordinate research between carious funding sources and research organizations and groups.