Mass Curve Analysis of Stream-Flow for Determining Reservoir Storage Requirements: A Computer Program for Generalized Use

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January 1967


Background of Program: In determining the flow characteristics of streams to estimate reservoir storage requriements and operation, a part of a project at the Utah Water Research Laboratory to develop a water resources Atlas for the State of Utah, it was necessary to perform mass-curve analyses on the existing stream flow records in the State, which represent natural flow. By hand a single mass curve analysis is not an extremely large task. When multiplied by as many stream records of natural flow as exist in a State, however, the taks becomes large enough to merit writing a program for the digital computer to accomplish the same job at the expense of digital computing time instead of man time. The FORTRAN IV program which is described in the following pages, and which is listing in the Appendix is the product from this effort. Since many agencies and organizations perform numerous mass curve analyese of streamflow, it was decided to make the description and listing available to other potential users, in hopes taht they may find it useful. The present listing of the program shows the control cards necessary for the Univac 1108 computing system at the University of Utah at Salt Lake City. By changing control cards the program will run on any computing system with full FORTRAN IV capabilities and with adequate core storage. Thep rogram with the proper IBSYS control cards has run successfully on the IBM 7094 at Western Data Processing Center, at the University of California at Los Angeles.

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