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Many acres of the state come under the jurisdiction of the State Government and are managed by the appropriate department of state government. The Division of State Lands, Department of Natural Resources of the State of Utah is responsible for the management of much of the state owned land. The Division of State Lands leases the lands to various users. Revenues from the leases are used for the support of state administered program such as education. The Division of State Lands desires to manage these lands as efficiently as possible and maximize the rents and thus increase the revenues available for the appropriate programs. The lands are classified according to their use or potential use such as mining lands, grazing lands, agricultural lands, or rangelands. The rent received varies according to the use. Since grazing land or rangeland has a low return, it would be desireable to change the use to one of the other or higher classificiations. However, before a use can be changed, the tract must be upgraded or provided the characteristics of the tracts being classified for the other use.