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January 1979


Introduction: Fibrex Corporation has capability for manufacturing various blends of cellulose fibers which have been used at locations throughout the country for temporarily controlling erosion on denuded land areas, and for serving as growth media for grass and other vegetation. Soil and climatic conditions vary greatly where these products are used, and it is not possible to determine by observation whether one is more effective than another in controlling erosion or promoting vegetative growth. Fibrex is desirous of knowing with some degree of confidence which products have the highest level of erosion control so that additional efforts can be directed towards their production and sales for the purpose of meeting erosion control needs. The Utah Water Research Laboratory is experienced in erosion control activities and was contacted by Fibrex to evaluate the effectiveness of five particular products for controlling erosion. All testing was done inside the laboratory using a rainfall simulaotr and a fixed tiltable test bed. Erosion control materials were applied on a slope of 2:1 (50 percent) at the rate of 2000 lbs. per acre.