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January 1982


Foreword: Studies on the meteorological determinants of evapotranspiration were initiated at least as long ago as the 1920s and by the late 1940s had produced the Blaney-Criddle method for estimating crop consumptive use. The resulting ability to estimate water requirements by both location and crop added a new scientific dimension to water rights administration that was first introduced into the courts of Utah during adjudication of water rights in the Escalante Valley in 1949. Application of the consumptive use concept to water rights administration and water resources planning, however, required a wirtten reference. Technical Publication No. 8 entitled "Consumptive Use of Water and Irrigation Requirements of Crops in Utah" was published by the State Engineer in 1952. By 1962, methods had been developed for going beyond agriculture to estimate water requirements for municipal, industrial, and recreational uses. Technical Publication No. 8 was revised and published under the title "Consumptive Use and Water Requirements for Utah." Continuing advancements in water requirements estimation have occurred over the last 20 years. The present revision, Technical Publication No. 75, updates estimatino of agricultural, municipal, recreational, and industrial water uses. It presents an isogram of potential consumptive use that permits the determination of crop water requirements at any point within the state.