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The 1963 Utah State Legislature authorized the Utah Water and Power Board (now the Utah Division of Water Resources) to develop a state water plan in order to give coordination and direction to the activities of all state and federal agencies concerned with Utah's water resources. To facilitate the development of this plan, a proposal was submitted through the State Planning Coordinator in the Governor's Office to the Urban Renewal Administration of the Housing and Home Finance Agency. Funding was approved effective May 19, 1966, under the Urban Planning Assistance Program authorized by Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended. Matching funds for the necessary land use and hydrologic investigations have been provided by the Utah Division of Water Resources and the Utah Water Research Laboratory. A better understanding of the state's water resources, the way in which the water resources are being used, and the opportunities for further water conservation is an essential foundation in the development of a water plan. This understanding can be obtained only by careful study of each stream basin using recognized hydrologic techniques. Such a study must be designed to account for the water which appears as runoff, to isolate opportunities for improvement in water management, and to indicate opportunities for increasing the effective supply by eliminating nonproductive uses. Water planning must be based upon a reasonably good appraisal of the water supply and its quality at points within the system. In addition, since any proposed change in the place or type of water use will have an effect upon the total hydrologic system this effect must be appraised before any possible development plan can be recommended.


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