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January 1978


Introduction: Since pipe made of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is relatively new, its hydraulic characteristics that cause fluid friction head loss are not as well known as those of cast iron and concrete pipe. The lack of universally accepted roughness parameters for PVC pipe is attested by the fact that most textbooks dealing with the hydraulics and the fluid mechanics do not include such values. The hydraulic characteristics of PVC pipe have been measured in the laboratory studies for both open channel flow conditions, Neale and price (1), and for full flow conditions, Jeppson (2). However, no studies are known to exist which have determined these hydraulic characteristics of PVC pipe in the field. Furthermore, it is well known that the formation of scale can build up in steel, wrought, and cast iron pipe, so that after many years of service their hydraulic efficiency is significantly reduced. Whether PVC pipe is affected similarly is also not known.