James D. Ballif

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Publication Date

January 1968


To meet future expected needs for water, the State of Utah will have to plan and manage its limited resources in a judicious manner. Comprehensive water resources planning on a river basin basis is necessary to economically plan and develop the best combination of water uses. Efficient use and management of agricultural water is necessary to maximize the amount available for future needs. Irrigation water management must be improved. Improvements in the organization, storage, distribution, and method of application will be required to meet future demands. Consideration should be given to various combinations of conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water. The report is a study of the San Pitch River Watershed above the Gunnison Reservoir which is a part of the Sevier River System in Utah. data are gathered and developed into a mathematical model of the river basin including the whole watershed. The model is in the form that it can be optimized by compter techniques using methods of linear programming by subsequent inbestigators. The model is a representative schematic model of water supply, use, storage, and movement of surface and subsurface water through the basin. The report includes gathering of data to evaluate the quantities and costs of associated component parts of the model as well as some of the benefits from the use of water.