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This report reviews activities on this project since the Progress Report, Part IV, June 1961.

The summer of 1961 has been one of the driest on record for Ogden Bay and Howard Slough Refuge. The extreme shortage of irrigation water has resulted in very little flow in the Howard Slough which originates from return flow. The available water from the Weber River for the Ogden Bay Refuge was also the lowest on record. The scarcity of water at these two refuges has resulted in increased salinity.

Most of the routine work on the project during the summer was done by Ming Change Tsai, graduate assistant in civil engineering who resided at the Ogden Bay Refuge. Mr. Tsai has been assisted in the care of the salinity lysimiters at Ogden Bay Refuge, and in the salinity surveys at the other refuges by Daya Kaushik, graduate assistant in wildlife resources.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 21, 2012.