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January 1965


The primary objective in this study was to ascertain the validity of the method of analyzing submergence developed by Hyatt (1965) in a standard 2-foot Parshall flume. The method of analyzing submergence was first developed for a trapezoidal flume (Hyatt, 1965), was later verified for a rectangular flume (Skogerboe, walker and Robinson, 1965), and has been shown by the authors to be valid for small Parshall flumes (Skogerboe, Hyatt, Johnson, and England, 1965). In view of previous findings, it was felt the method would also be valid for large Parshall flumes, and for this purpose the 2-foot flume was selected. One other objective of the study was to analyze the possibility that another, or possibly better, point of downstream measurement might be found. To accomplish this, two other points, designated c and d, were selected downstream. The downstream depth measurement is usually taken in the throat as a referenced point designated b. The resulting equations and calibration curve are listed in this report.