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Development and applications of DifferentialGeometry are supported in part by National Science Foundation grants OCI-1148331, DMS-071380, DMS-0410373.

If you don't have Maple, the Maple worksheets on this site can be viewed/executed using the Maple Player.




Rainich-type Conditions For Null Electrovacuum Spacetimes III, Charles G. Torre


Rainich-type Conditions for Null Electrovacuum Spacetimes I, Charles G. Torre

Rainich-Type Conditions For Null Electrovacuum Spacetimes II, Charles G. Torre


Higher Order Symmetries of the KdV Equation, Ian M. Anderson

The Octonions and the Exceptional Lie Algebra G2, Ian M. Anderson

A Homogeneous Solution of the Einstein-Maxwell Equations, Charles G. Torre