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The Importance of Cognitive Diversity for Sustaining the Commons, Jacopo A. Baggio, Jacob Freeman, Thomas R. Coyle, Tam Nguyen, Dale Hancock, Karrie E. Elpers, Samantha Nabity, H.J. Francois Dengah II, and David Pillow; Nature Communications


Oxygen Consumption and Sulfate Reduction in Vegetated Coastal Habitats: Effects of Physical Disturbance, Kasper Elgetti Brodersen, Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett, Daniel A. Nielsen, Rod M. Connolly, Catherine E. Lovelock, Trisha B. Atwood, and Peter I. Macreadie; Frontiers in Marine Science


Weighting Effective Number of Species Measures by Abundance Weakens Detection of Diversity Responses, Yong Cao and Charles P. Hawkins; Journal of Applied Ecology


Species Diversity Associated with Foundation Species in Temperate and Tropical Forests, Aaron M. Ellison, Hannah L. Buckley, Bradley S. Case, Dairon Cardenas, Álvaro J. Duque, James A. Lutz, Jonathan A. Myers, David A. Orwig, and Jess K. Zimmerman; Forests


Geospatial Modeling of Land Cover Change in the Chocó-Darien Global Ecoregion of South America; One of Most Biodiverse and Rainy Areas in the World, José Camilo Fagua and R. Douglas Ramsey; PLoS ONE


Estimability of Migration Survival Rates from Integrated Breeding and Winter Capture–Recapture Data, Clark S. Rushing; Ecology and Evolution


Unclogging the Pipeline: Advancement to Full Professor in Academic STEM, Helga Van Miegroet, Christy Glass, Ronda R. Callister, and Kimberly Sullivan; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal



Competition and Coexistence in Plant Communities: Intraspecific Competition is Stronger Than Interspecific Competition, Peter B. Adler, Danielle Smull, Karen H. Beard, Ryan T. Choi, Tucker J. Furniss, Andrew Kulmatiski, Joan M. Meiners, Andrew T. Tredennick, and Kari E. Veblen; Ecology Letters


Herbivory and Eutrophication Mediate Grassland Plant Nutrient Responses Across a Global Climatic Gradient, T. Michael Anderson, Daniel M. Griffith, James B. Grace, Eric M. Lind, Peter B. Adler, Lori A. Biederman, Dana M. Blumenthal, Pedro Daleo, Jennifer Firn, Nicole Hagenah, W. Stanley Harpole, Andrew S. MacDougall, Rebecca L. McCulley, Suzanne M. Prober, Anita C. Risch, Mahesh Sankaran, Martin Schütz, Eric W. Seabloom, Carly J. Stevens, Lauren L. Sullivan, Peter D. Wragg, and Elizabeth T. Borer; Ecology


The Importance of Marine Predators in the Provisioning of Ecosystem Services by Coastal Plant Communities, Trisha B. Atwood and Edd Hammill; Frontiers in Plant Science


Predators Shape Sedimentary Organic Carbon Storage in a Coral Reef Ecosystem, Trisha Atwood, Elizabeth M. P. Madin, Alastair R. Harborne, Edd Hammill, Osmar J. Luiz, Quinn R. Ollivier, Chris M. Roelfsema, Peter I. Macreadie, and Catherine E. Lovelock; Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution


High Dispersal Ability is Related to Fast Life-History Strategies, Noelle G. Beckman, James M. Bullock, and Roberto Salguero-Gomez; Journal of Ecology


Light May Have Triggered a Period of Net Heterotrophy in Lake Superior, Soren Brothers and Paul Sibley; Limnology and Oceanography


Are Killer Bees Good for Coffee? The Contribution of a Paper's Title and Other Factors to Its Future Citations, Mark J. Costello, Karen H. Beard, Richard B. Primack, Vincent Devictor, and Amanda E. Bates; Biological Conservation


Low Offspring Survival in Mountain Pine Beetle Infesting the Resistant Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Supports the Preference-Performance Hypothesis, Erika L. Eidson, Karen E. Mock, and Barbara J. Bentz; PLoS ONE


An Expanded Modern Coexistence Theory for Empirical Applications, Stephen P. Ellner, Robin E. Snyder, Peter B. Adler, and Giles J. Hooker; Ecology Letters


Natural and Managed Watersheds Show Similar Responses to Recent Climate Change, Darren L. Ficklin, John T. Abatzoglou, Scott M. Robeson, Sarah E. Null, and Jason H. Knouft; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America


Short-Term Regeneration Dynamics of Wyoming Big Sagebrush at Two Sites in Northern Utah, Sara J. Germain, Rebecca K. Mann, Thomas A. Monaco, and Kari E. Veblen; Western North American Naturalist


Site Conditions Determine a Key Native Plant’s Contribution to Invasion Resistance in Grasslands, Kristin B. Hulvey and Brittany J. Teller; Ecology


The Response of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) to Interannual Climate Variation Changes Across Its Range, Andrew R. Kleinhesselink and Peter B. Adler; Ecology


Phylogeny and Population Genetic Analyses Reveals Cryptic Speciation in the Bombus fervidus Species Complex (Hymenoptera: Apidae), Jonathan B. Koch, Juanita Rodriguez, James P. Pitts, and James P. Strange; PLoS ONE


Diel Predator Activity Drives a Dynamic Landscape of Fear, Michel T. Kohl, Daniel R. Stahler, Matthew C. Metz, James D. Forester, Matthew J. Kauffman, Nathan Varley, P. J. White, Douglas W. Smith, and Daniel R. MacNulty; Ecological Monographs


Community-Level Plant–Soil Feedbacks Explain Landscape Distribution of Native and Non-Native Plants, Andrew Kulmatiski; Ecology and Evolution


Tamm Review: Seedling-Based Ecology, Management, and Restoration in Aspen (Populus tremuloides), Simon M. Landhäusser, Bradley D. Pinno, and Karen E. Mock; Forest Ecology and Management


Habitat Segregation Between Brown Bears and Gray Wolves in a Human-Dominated Landscape, Cyril Milleret, Andrés Ordiz, Guillaume Chapron, Harry Peter Andreassen, Jonas Kindberg, Johan Månsson, Aimee Tallian, Petter Wabakken, Camilla Wikenros, Barbara Zimmermann, Jon E. Swenson, and Håkan Sand; Ecology and Evolution


Beyond the 1984 Perspective: Narrow Focus on Modern Wildfire Trends Underestimates Future Risks to Water Security, Brendan P. Murphy, Larissa L. Yocom, and Patrick Belmont; Earth's Future


Building up Biogeography: Pattern to Process, William D. Pearse, A. Marcia Barbosa, Susanne A. Fritz, Sally A. Keith, Luke J. Harmon, John Harte, Daniele Silvestro, Xiao Xiao, and T. Jonathan Davies; Journal of Biogeography


Homogenization of Plant Diversity, Composition, and Structure in North American Urban Yards, William D. Pearse, Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Sarah E. Hobbie, Meghan L. Avolio, Neil Bettez, Rinku Roy Chowdhury, Lindsay E. Darling, Peter M. Groffman, J. Morgan Grove, Sharon J. Hall, James B. Heffernan, Jennifer Learned, Christopher Neill, Kristen C. Nelson, Diane E. Pataki, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Meredith K. Steele, and Tara L. E. Trammell; Ecosphere


Complexity Is Complicated and So Too Is Comparing Complexity Metrics—A Response to Mikula et al. (2018), William D. Pearse, Ignacio Morales-Castilla, Logan S. James, Maxwell Farrell, Frédéric Boivin, and T. Jonathan Davies; Evolution


Global Macroevolution and Macroecology of Passerine Song, William D. Pearse, Ignacio Morales-Castilla, Logan S. James, Maxwell Farrell, Frédéric Boivin, and T. Jonathan Davies; Evolution


Mule Deer Impede Pando’s Recovery: Implications for Aspen Resilience from a Single-Genotype Forest, Paul C. Rogers and Darren J. McAvoy; PLOS ONE


Resilience and Resistance in Sagebrush Ecosystems Are Associated With Seasonal Soil Temperature and Water Availability, Bruce A. Roundy, Jeanne C. Chambers, David A. Pyke, Richard F. Miller, Robin J. Tausch, Eugene W. Schupp, Ben Rau, and Trevor Gruell; Ecosphere


Genomic Variation of Introduced Salvinia minima in Southeastern United States, Carol A. Rowe, Donald P. Hauber, and Paul G. Wolf; Aquatic Botany


Remotely Sensed Canopy Nitrogen Correlates With Nitrous Oxide Emissions in a Lowland Tropical Rainforest, Fiona M. Soper, Benjamin W. Sullivan, Megan K. Nasto, Brooke B. Osborne, David Bru, Christopher S. Balzotti, Phillip G. Taylor, Gregory P. Asner, Alan R. Townsend, Laurent Philippot, Stephen Porder, and Cory C. Cleveland; Ecology


Using Systematic Conservation Planning to Establish Management Priorities for Freshwater Salmon Conservation, Matanuska-Susitna Basin, AK, USA, Andrew W. Witt and Edd Hammill; Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems


Can the Desiccation of Great Salt Lake be Stopped?, Wayne A. Wurtsbaugh, Craig Miller, Sarah Null, R. Justin DeRose, and Peter Wilcock; 12th Annual Salt Lake County Watershed Symposium


Functional Biogeography of Angiosperms: Life at the Extremes, Amy E. Zanne, William D. Pearse, William K. Cornwell, Daniel J. McGlinn, Ian J. Wright, and Josef C. Uyeda; New Phytologist



Spatial and Temporal Variation in Brackish Wetland Seedbanks: Implications for Wetland Restoration Following Phragmites Control, Eric L. G. Hazelton, Rebekah Downard, Karin M. Kettenring, Melissa K. McCormick, and Dennis F. Whigham; Estuaries and Coasts


Quantitative PCR Assays for Detection of Five Arctic Fish Species: Lota lota, Cottus cognatus, Salvelinus alpinus, Salvelinus malma, and Thymallus arcticus from Environmental DNA, Torrey W. Rodgers, John R. Olson, Stephen L. Klobucar, and Karen E. Mock; Conservation Genetics Resources



Limited Alpine Climatic Warming and Modeled Phenology Advancement for Three Alpine Species in the Northeast United States, Michael L. Davis, Kenneth D. Kimball, Douglas M. Weihrauch, Georgia L. D. Murray, and Kenneth Rancourt; American Journal of Botany


The elephant in the room: absentee landowner issues in conservation and land management, P. Petrzelka, Zhao Ma, and S. Malin; Land Use Policy


Inverse Method for Simultaneous Determination of Soil Water Flux Density and Thermal Properties with a Penta-Needle Heat Pulse Probe, Changbing Yang, Masaru Sakai, and Scott B. Jones; Water Resources Research


CHaMP Crew Variability: Influence on Topographic Surfaces & Derived Metrics, S. G. Bangen and Joseph M. Wheaton; Report to Eco Logical Research, Inc.


Introduction, Establishment, and Spread: 50 Years of Invasion Ecology Since Elton, Karen H. Beard and A. Kulmatiski; Ecology

The Two-Layer Hypothesis is Dead: Long Live the Two-Layer Hypothesis, Karen H. Beard, A. Kulmatiski, and M. Mazzacacallo; The Two-Layer Hypothesis is Dead: Long Live the Two-Layer Hypothesis

Founder Effects Haven't Quieted Them Down: The Coqui Frog Invasion in Hawaii. Insights From Invasions: Using Exotic Amphibians and Reptiles to Study Ecological and Evolutionary Processes, Karen H. Beard and E. M. O'Neill; Founder Effects Haven't Quieted Them Down: the Coqui Frog Invasion in Hawaii. Insights From Invasions: Using Exotic Amphibians and Reptiles to Study Ecological and Evolutionary Processes

Chapter 26: Caribbean Tree Frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui), Karen H. Beard and W. C. Pitt; Handbook of Global Freshwater Invasive Species

Asotin Creek Intensively Monitored Watershed: Restoration Plan for North Fork Asotin, South Fork Asotin and Charlie Creeks, S. Bennett, Joseph M. Wheaton, and N. Bouwes; Report to Eco Logical Research, Inc.


A Study of the Spawning Ecology and Early Life History Survival of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout, Phaedra Budy, Sarah Wood, and Brett Roper; North American Journal of Fisheries Management

Diffusion-Based Analysis for Growth Media for Mars: Applying an Interactive Pore Space and Density Corrected Model, C.T. K.K. Deepagoda, P. Moldrup, M. P. Jensen, Scott B. Jones, L. Wollesen de Jonge, P. Schjonning, K. Scow, J. W. Hopmans, D. E. Rolston, K. Kawamoto, and T. Komatsu; Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.

Maximum rate of mammal evolution, A. R. Evans, D. Jones, A. G. Boyer, J. H. Brown, D. P. Costa, S.K. Morgan Ernest, E. M.G. Fitzgerald, M. Fortelius, J. L. Gittleman, M. J. Hamilton, L. E. Harding, K. Lintulaakso, S. K. Lyons, J. G. Okie, J. J. Saarinen, R. M. Sibly, F. A. Smith, P. R. Stephens, J. Theodor, and M. D. Uhen; Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Effects of Precipitation Pulses on Water Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in Two Semiarid Ecosystems: Measurement and Modeling, J. Fan, Scott B. Jones, L. Qi, Q. Wang, and M. Huang; Environ. Earth Sci.

Diet, fecundity and use of bromeliads by Phyllodytes luteolus (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae) in Southeastern of Brazil, Rodrigo B. Ferreira, J. A. Schineider, and R. L. Teixeira; Journal of Herpetology

Weak Polygyny in California Sea Lions and the Potential for Alternative Mating Strategies, R. Flatz, M. González-Suárez, Julie K. Young, J. Beckmann, S. Breck, J. Fike, O. Rhodes, and K. Bristow; PLoS ONE

Copepod dominance contributes to phytoplankton nitrogen deficiency in lakes during periods of low precipitation, C. R. Johnson and Chris Luecke; Journal of Plankton Research

Beyond Earth: Designing Root Zone Environments for Reduced Gravity Conditions, Scott B. Jones, D. Or, R. Heinse, and M. Tuller; Vadose Zone J.

Plant-Soil Feedbacks Provide an Additional Explanation for Diversity-Productivity Relationships, A. Kulmatiski, Karen H. Beard, and J. Heavilin; Plant-Soil Feedbacks Provide an Additional Explanation for Diversity-Productivity Relationships

Predation of Hemidactylus mabouia, F. Lanschi and Rodrigo B. Ferreira; Herpetological Review

A modeling framework for integrated harvest and habitat management of North American waterfowl: case-study of northern pintail metapopulation dynamics, B. J. Mattsson, M. C. Runge, J. G. Devries, G. S. Boomer, J. M. Eadie, D. A. Haukos, J. P. Fleskes, David N. Koons, W. E. Thogmartin, and R. G. Clark; Ecological Modelling

Barriers to and opportunities for effective cumulative impact assessment within state-level environmental review frameworks in the United States, Zhao Ma, D. R. Becker, and M. A. Kilgore; Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Factors associated with landowner involvement in forest conservation programs in the U.S.: implications for policy design and outreach, Zhao Ma, B. J. Butler, D. B. Kittredge, and P. Catanzaro; Land Use Policy

Challenging the traditional forestry extension model: insights from the Woods Forum program in Massachusetts, Zhao Ma, D. B. Kittredge, and P. Catanzaro; Small-scale Forestry

Electromagnetic Induction for Mapping Physical and Chemical Properties of Mine Tailings Deposits, Grey S. Nearing, Markus Tuller, Scott B. Jones, Robert Heinse, and Mercer S. Meding; Journal of Applied Geophysics

Water-Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: A Method to Consider Whether Dams Mitigate Climate Change Effects on Stream Temperatures, Sarah E. Null, S. T. Ligare, and J. H. Viers; Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program White Paper. Prepared for the California Energy Commission

Water-Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: Water Year Classification in Non-Stationary Climates, Sarah E. Null and J. H. Viers; Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program White Paper. Prepared for the California Energy Commission

Diet of the Invasive Greenhouse Frog in Hawaii, C. A. Olson and Karen H. Beard; Copeia

Detection Probability of Two Introduced Frogs in Hawaii: Implications for Assessing Non-Native Species Distributions, C. A. Olson, Karen H. Beard, D. N. Koons, and W. C. Pitt; Ecology

Detection probabilities of two introduced frogs in Hawaii: implications for assessing non-native species distributions, C. A. Olson, K. H. Beard, David N. Koons, and W. C. Pitt; Biological Invasions

Biotic Acceptance in Introduced Amphibians and Reptiles in Europe and North America, S. A. Poessel, Karen H. Beard, C. M. Callahan, R. B. Ferreira, and E. T. Cologgi; Global Ecology and Biogeography


Grasses and browsers reinforce landscape heterogeneity by excluding trees from ecosystem hotspots, L. M. Porensky and Kari E. Veblen; Oecologia

Outcomes of conservation alliances with women’s community-based organizations in southern Mexico, Claudia Anne Radel; Society & Natural Resources

Animal life cycle models, J. Reniere and James A. Powell; Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science

Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services, and Soil Change: Why Soil Science Must Embrace an Ecosystems Approach, D. A. Robinson, N. Hockley, E. Dominati, I. Lebron, K. M. Scow, B. Reynolds, B. A. Emmett, A. M. Keith, L. W. de Jonge, P. Schjonning, P. Moldrup, Scott B. Jones, and M. Tuller; Vadose Zone J.

Imaging of Hill-Slope Soil Moisture Wetting Patterns in a Semi-Arid Oak Savanna Catchment Using Time-Lapse Electromagnetic Induction, David A. Robinson, Hiruy Abdu, Inma Lebron, and Scott B. Jones; J. Hydrology

Scaled Solutions to Coupled Soil-Water Flow and Solute Transport During the Redistribution Process, M. Sadeghi and Scott B. Jones; Vadose Zone J.


A Novel Analytical Solution to Steady-State Evaporation from Soil and Film Region Thickness, Morteza Sadeghi, Nima Shokri, and Scott B. Jones; Water Resour. Res.

Patterns of Understory Growth During the First Three Years Followinng Prescribed Burn, Eugene W. Schupp; Patterns of Understory Growth During the First Three Years Followinng Prescribed Burn

The Interplay Between Place-Based Research and Ecological Theory, Eugene W. Schupp; Ecology

Final Report: Big River Protocol Development – A Prototype Warranty Project, M. L. Scott, D. L. Perkins, and Joseph M. Wheaton; U.S. Geological Survey

Determining In-Situ Soil Freeze-Thaw Cycle Dynamics Using an Access Tube-Based Dielectric Sensor, Y. Sun, Q. Cheng, X. Xue, L. Fu, J. Chai, F. Meng, P. Schulze Lammers, and Scott B. Jones; Geodermal


Savanna glade hotspots: plant community development and synergy with large herbivores, Kari E. Veblen; Journal of Arid Environments

Interactive GIS Tool for Transforming Assumed Total Station Surveys to Real World Coordinates -­‐ The CHaMP Transformation Tool, Joseph M. Wheaton, C. Garrard, C. Volk, and K. Whitehead; Computers & Geosciences

Rapid Clay Percentage Estimation for Proximal Sensing Using Hygroscopic Water Content, M. N. Wuddivira, D. A. Robinson, I. Lebron, L. Brechet, M. Atwell, S. De Caires, M. Oatham, Scott B. Jones, H. Abdu, and M. Tuller; Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J.


Strong self-limitation promotes the persistence ofrare species, G. M. Yenni, P. B. Adler, and S.K. Morgan Ernest; Ecology


Modeling Connectivity of Black Bears in a Desert Sky Island Archipelago, T. Atwood, Julie K. Young, J. Beckmann, S. Breck, J. Fike, O. Rhodes, and K. Bristow; Biological Conservation

Pathways for positive cattle-wildlife interactions in semi-arid rangelands, D. J. Augustine, Kari E. Veblen, J. R. Goheen, C. Riginos, and T. P. Young; Conserving Wildlife in African Landscapes: Kenya’s Ewaso Ecosystem

Hair of the Dog: Obtaining Samples From Coyotes and Wolves Noninvasively, D. E. Ausband, Julie K. Young, B. Fannin, M. S. Mitchell, J. L. Stenglein, and J. A. Shivik; Wildlife Society Bulletin

Testing the assumptions of the nested subset pattern, Elita Baldridge and Rob Channell; Testing the assumptions of the nested subset pattern

Methodological Intercomparison of Topographic & Aerial Photographic Habitat Survey Techniques, S. Bangen, Joseph M. Wheaton, and K. D. DeMeurichy; Prepared for Eco Logical Research and NOAA

Global Change at Local Scales: Examples From Invasions and Climate Change, Karen H. Beard; Global Change at Local Scales: Examples From Invasions and Climate Change

Invasive Species Management: The Coqui Frog Invasion in Hawaii: Impacts and Management, Karen H. Beard, R. T. Choi, H. Sin, and W. C. Pitt; Invasive Species Management: The Coqui Frog Invasive in Hawaii: Impacts and Management

Fewer Larger Precipitation Events Increase Infiltration and Root Growth But Not Aboveground Production of Trees or Grasses in a Subtropical Savanna, Karen H. Beard and A. Kulmatiski; Fewer Larger Precipitation Events Increase Infiltration and Root Growth But Not Aboveground Production of Trees or Grasses in a Subtropical Savanna

Floodplain Width Adjustments in Response to Rapid Base Level Fall and Knickpoint Migration, Patrick Belmont; Geomorphology

Kirk Bryan Field Trip: Holocene Landscape Evolution and Erosional Processes in the Le Sueur River, Central Minnesota, Patrick Belmont, K. Gran, C. E. Jennings, C. Wittkop, and S. S. Day; Guide Book for 2011 GSA National Meeting Kirk Bryan Field Trip, Minneapolis, MN

Improved Dielectric-and Electrical Conductivity-Anisotropy Measurements Using TDR in Unsaturated Mica, J. M. Blonquist, Jr.; D. A. Robinson; S. D. Humphries; and Scott B. Jones; Vadose Zone J.


Cryptic Postzygotic Isolation in an Eruptive Species of Bark Beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), Ryan R. Bracewell, Michael E. Pfrender, Karen E. Mock, and Barbara J. Bentz; Evolution

Predicting Fish Growth Potential and Identifying Potential Water Quality Issues: A Apatially Explicit Bioenergetics Approach, Phaedra Budy, M. E. Baker, and S. K. Dahle; Environmental Management

Family forest owner trends in the northern United States, B. J. Butler and Zhao Ma; Northern Journal of Applied Forestry

Drivers of age-specificsurvival in a long-lived seabird: contributions of observed and hidden sources ofheterogeneity, E. Cam, David N. Koons, J. Y. Monnat, S. Pavard, and Lise M. Aubry; Journal of Animal Ecology

A Quantitative Genetics Approach to Model the Evolution of Insect Development, C. A. Cobbold and James A. Powell; Bulletin of Mathematical Biology