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Continuing an effort that dates to 1967, we collected data through a statewide survey of licensed anglers in an effort to understand their preference and behaviors. Anglers were surveyed across the state of Utah, as well as nonresident anglers who purchased a Utah fishing license. This research was guided by objectives developed by the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) as and our research team at the Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University. In the report, we provide statewide statistics and comparisons between the DWRs five management regions. The objectives and key findings are:

Objective 1. Define the characteristics of Utah anglers
Objective 2. Produce a snapshot of angling in Utah over a 12-month period
Objective 3. Identify what motivates Utah anglers
Objective 4. Identify what fish species anglers expected to catch, caught, and prefer to catch
Objective 5. Gauge anglers’ perceptions and knowledge of native and nonnative fish species in Utah
Objective 6. Explore Utah anglers’ perceptions of, and experiences with, crowding
Objective 7. Identify potential areas where managers can create or promote opportunities for Utah anglers to combine recreational activities to enhance the angling experience

The report provides tables and figures and explanations pertaining to each of the research objectives outlined above. In addition, statewide and regional statistics are provided to showcase the unique trends associated with Utah anglers and angling resources in Utah.