Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence



The full-length Spring 2023 issue (Volume 7, Issue 1) of the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence

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The Spring 2023 issue presents research and guidance on topics related to student self-reflection, participatory learning, and returning to the in-person learning following the COVID-19 pandemic. The first article takes a critical approach to understanding pedagogy with adult learners by involving students in the creation of course syllabi as a way to challenge ideologies related the roles of instructor and students. The second article blends research and narrative to explore how the experiences of the COVID-19 shift to online learning can be translated to in-person learning environments to redefine what participation looks like and to advance faculty collaboration. The third article continues to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to opportunities for improved course development and delivery as faculty and students return to the classroom, particularly in the areas of communication, equity, and inclusion. The fourth article presents a selection of prompts used to promote student learning through written reflection tasks and describes how such tasks can be applied to various teaching contexts. The fifth article describes the use of a digital poverty simulation with business students and examines how the activity affected the students' attitudes toward poverty.



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