Developing a State Water Plan Summary and Recommendations

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Utah's growth is certain, but the extent and success of this growth will depend primarily on how wisely our water resources are developed and conserved. Even with potential development now authorized, Utah will get just over half the Colorado River water allocated to it under the Colorado River Compact. Ways and means must be found to utilize the rest. Underground water in Utah is more than enough to fill all of the existing man-made reservoirs, but the state has been slow to develop this untapped resource. It is the proper responsibility of the state to coordinate water development. Wise development requires long-range planning. Planning requires additional basic data and interpretation. A State Water Plan is needed. It would be a "blueprint" for the best utilization of water resources, using the best possible estimates of resources and future needs. The result would be a sound framework, flexible enough to be adjusted to meet changing needs and conditions.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 17, 2012.

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