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Developing a State Water Plan

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This volume summarizes basic data regarding surface water measurements in Utah accumulated through the 1960 water year. It was compiled to fill the need for a ready reference from which some of the important characteristics of various streams could be ascertained quickly and easily. The information contained herein was evaluated and tabulated by personnel of the Utah Water and Power Board and the Engineering Experiment Station of Utah University under a continuing cooperative arrangement for studies concerning Utah's water resources. The information was summarized largely from the Water Supply Papers of the U. S. Geological Survey. More detailed information for individual years is available in the published records of that agency. The data have been tabulated according to the ten major hydrologic divisions shown in Figure 1. This geographic' breakdown has been used as a basis for summarizing various kinds of hydrologic information in other reports and has been found convenient for other purposes by several agencies and groups. The summary sheets contain information regarding station name and location, elevation, drainage area, kind and period of record, average annual runoff, and the annual and momentary extremes of flow. The area classification for each gaging station is by a numbering system in which the first number refers to the hydrologic division of Figure 1 and the last four (or five) numbers correspond to the identification number assigned by the U. S. Geological Survey. The elevation is the approximate height of the gaging station above mean sea level. The summarization utilized records through 1960 for most stations which were, or still are, a part of the regular gaging station network. Where no ending date is given for the period of record it indicates that the station continued in operation after the 1960 water year. However, the number of years utilized for determination of average and extreme flows does not include records beyond the 1960 water year.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 17, 2012.