Leadership for Empowerment and Abuse Prevention (LEAP) is an abuse prevention intervention for people with intellectual disability. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the intervention’s efficacy. Findings indicated no significant differences in scenario identification questions depicting acceptable or concerning situations. However, statistically significant improvements were noted in participants’ depth of understanding, including their ability to correctly describe why a scenario was abusive or exploitative and what to do next when confronted with unhealthy situations. Limitations and implications for practice are discussed.

Plain Language Summary

LEAP is a training program for people to help them have good relationships. We did research to see if LEAP helped people who came to training better tell the difference between good and bad relationships and what to do if they are in a bad relationship. We found that people did not get better at pointing out good and bad relationships, but they did get better at telling why a relationship was good or bad and what to do next if in a bad situation.