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Volume 16, Issue 3 (2022) Winter 2022


Letter from the Editor

Research Articles/Notes


Mitigating Bighorn Sheep–Vehicle Collisions and Habitat Fragmentation with Overpasses and Adaptive Mitigation
Jeffrey W. Gagnon, Chad D. Loberger, Kari S. Ogren, Scott C. Sprague, Susan R. Boe, and Raymond E. Schweinsburg


Cultivation of Industrial Hemp on and Near Airports: Implications for Wildlife Use and Risk to Aviation Safety
Bradley F. Blackwell, Page E. Klug, Lee A. Humberg, Zachary T. Brym, Bryan M. Kluever, and Jennifer M. Edwards


Industrial Hemp as a Resource for Birds in Agroecosystems: Human–Wildlife Conflict or Conservation Opportunity?
Emily A. Kotten, Iona Hennessy, Bryan M. Kluever, Zachary T. Brym, Bradley F. Blackwell, Lee A. Humberg, and Page E. Klug


Texas Hunters’ Perceptions Regarding the Acceptability of Toxicants to Control Wild Pig Populations
Keith M. Carlisle, Sophie McKee, Hailey E. Ellis, Lauren M. Jaebker, John M. Tomeček, Alan D. Bright, Rachael L. Connally, Maureen G. Frank, and Stephanie A. Shwiff


The Impact of COVID-19 on Wildlife Strike Rates in the United States
Dan Parsons, Michael Malouf, and Wayne Martin


Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation-Wildlife Strikes Across Europe
Isabel C. Metz, Marta Giordano, Dionysios Ntampakis, Marianna Moira, Anneke Hamann, Rosanne Blijleven, Jürgen J. Ebert, and Alessandro Montemaggiori

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