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Human–Wildlife Interactions seeks to publish submissions spanning all aspects of contemporary wildlife management and human–wildlife interactions. An emphasis on scientific research and management case studies serves to identify and report innovative conservation strategies, technologies, tools, and partnerships that can enhance human–wildlife interactions by mitigating human–wildlife conflicts through direct and indirect management of wildlife and increased stakeholder engagement.

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Special Topic: Island Invaders

Islands have long intrigued humans, as their isolation and unique floras and faunas have encouraged visitation, study, and protection. There are many types of islands, ranging from literal islands within oceanic or freshwater environments to other insular systems such as artificial islands created by urbanization, agriculture, or other land uses. Oceanic islands are hotspots for endemic, endangered, and invasive species. Many wildlife species, including mammals, birds, and herpetofauna, are harmful invaders throughout the islands of the world. When invasive wildlife are introduced to islands, scientists and land managers are often challenged to determine the island invaders’ levels of impacts to native species, property, human health and safety, agriculture, and the local economy. Islands have also been testing grounds for new technologies and methods to control, eradicate, and mitigate invasive wildlife and their negative impacts. Much can be learned from the study and management of island invaders and applied to other ecosystems and human–wildlife interactions.

Human–Wildlife Interactions is seeking to publish a special issue containing original contributed papers on a broad scope of island invasive wildlife issues. We welcome applied research and management papers that span all islands of the world. We also welcome papers that synthesize the status, science, and management of island invasive wildlife on national and international scales.

The following team will serve as associate editors for this special issue and can be reached at their listed emails: Aaron Shiels, ; Shane Siers, ; Nicki Frey, .

For more information about the special issue, contact Terry A. Messmer, HWI editor-in-chief, at . Photo on call for papers courtesy of N. Sablan.

The submission deadline for contributing a research article, case study, opinion, commentary, or other manuscript for this special issue is October 1, 2021.

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