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Human–Wildlife Interactions seeks to publish submissions spanning all aspects of contemporary wildlife management and human–wildlife interactions. An emphasis on scientific research and management case studies serves to identify and report innovative conservation strategies, technologies, tools, and partnerships that can enhance human–wildlife interactions by mitigating human–wildlife conflicts through direct and indirect management of wildlife and increased stakeholder engagement.

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Special Topic: Raven Management

Research confirms that predation by overabundant populations of ravens (Corvus corax) substantially impact migratory species, upland game birds, and multiple wildlife species of high conservation concern, particularly those within arid ecosystems such as greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) and the threatened desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii). State and federal agencies are in need of scientific information that can help guide the development of raven management plans aimed at reducing adverse impacts on numerous sensitive species. Additionally, ravens cause damage to agriculture and personal property, as well as impact aircraft safety and human health. Raven damage reported to USDA's Wildlife Services in 2018 was estimated at $5,328,456.

Human–Wildlife Interactions is seeking to publish a special issue devoted to the status, research, and management of raven populations and the damage they cause. We are seeking original contributed papers on a broad scope raven policy, research, and management topics to include ecological damage, economic impacts, management techniques, human dimensions, population control, and monitoring. We also welcome papers that synthesize the status, science, and management of raven populations and the associated damage.

Peter S. Coates, Ph.D., has been recruited by HWI to serve as associate editor for this special issue. He can be reached at . For more information about the special issue section, contact Terry Messmer, HWI editor-in-chief, at .

The submission deadline for contributing a research article, case study, opinion, commentary, or other manuscript for this special issue is March 1, 2021.

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