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New Associate Editor


Jessica Tegt is the outreach coordinator for the Berryman Institute at Utah State University and specializes in human–wildlife conflicts as well as human dimensions of wildlife. She received her master’s degree in rangeland resources from Utah State University in 2004 and her doctoral degree in wildlife from Mississippi State University in 2011. From 2010–2011, she served as the national outreach coordinator for Berryman Institute East and from 2011–2017, she was an assistant extension professor in human–wildlife conflicts at Mississippi State University (MSU). While at MSU, she developed a conservation education outreach program that served >10,000 students, advised students and taught several courses on human–wildlife conflicts, oversaw research on wild pig management, operated international conferences, helped found the National Wild Pig Task Force, served as the Mississippi Wildlife Chapter President, and conducted a rigorous outreach program including the implementation of the National Training Academy with USDA Wildlife Services.