Volume 16, Issue 2 (2022) Fall 2022


Letters from the Editor


New Associate Editors
S. Nicole Frey

Special Topics


Fertility Control Options for Management of Free-roaming Horse Populations
Ursula S. Bechert, John W. Turner Jr., Dan L. Baker, Douglas C. Eckery, Jason E. Bruemmer, Candace C. Lyman, Tulio M. Prado, Sarah R. B. King, and Mark A. Fraker


U.S. Public Opinion of Reproductive Control Options for Free-roaming Horses on Western Public Lands
S. Nicole Frey, Jeffrey L. Beck, John Derek Scasta, and Loretta Singletary


Multi-Objective Modeling as a Decision-Support Tool for Free-roaming Horse Management
Brian Folt, Kathryn A. Schoenecker, and L. Stefan Ekernas


Dehydration and Mortality of Feral Horses and Burros: a Systematic Review of Reported Deaths
John Derek Scasta, Eric Thacker, Jacob D. Hennig, and Karl Hoopes


Nonnative Ungulate Impacts on Greater Sage-grouse Late Brood-rearing Habitat in the Great Basin, USA
Mikiah R. McGinn, Steven L. Petersen, Melissa S. Chelak, Randy T. Larsen, Loreen Allphin, Brock R. McMillan, Dennis L. Eggett, and Terry A. Messmer

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