Volume 5 (1995) Ecosystem Management of Natural Resources in the Intermountain West

Proceedings of the Symposium

April 20-22, 1994

Eccles Conference Center

Utah State University


Frederic H. Wagner


Trout Creek Mountain project, Oregon
Doc Hatfield and Connie Hatfield


What is it that is being referred to as ecosystem management?
Nathan M. Bentley, Merland G. Halisky, and Aaron B. Price


Role of science in ecosystem management
William A. Adair, David H. Branson, Sharon L. Casapulla, and Michael C. Reynolds


Social and political mechanisms for establishing ecosystem management objectives
Robert D. Fitts, Howard P. Gross, Michael J. Jacobs, Brenda J. Tall, and Jamie K. Thompson


Legal and political complexities of ecosystem mangement
Aaron Kelson, Russ Lawrence, Dave Perault, Sue Schroeder, and Christican Shank