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A Campus Partnership to Foster Compliance with Funder Mandates, Jeff R. Broadbent, Andrea Payant, Kevin Peterson, Betty Rozum, and Liz Woolcott; Journal of Academic Librarianship


Title Change Characteristics of Academic and Nonacademic Serials, Mavis B. Molto; Library Resources & Technical Services


Initiating Cultural Shifts in Perceptions of Cataloging Units through Interaction Assessment, Andrea Payant, Becky Skeen, and Liz Woolcott; Cataloging and Classification Quarterly



Using Pop Culture, Feminist Pedagogy, and Current Events to Help Students Explore Multiple Sides of an Argument, Dory Cochran

Our Powers Combined: Helping Students See How Writing and Research Fit Together, Dory Cochran and Sidney Horrocks; College & Research Libraries News


Enhancing Teaching & Learning: Libraries and Open Educational Resources in the Classroom, Erin L. Davis, Britt Fagerheim, Becky L. Thoms, and Dory Cochran; Public Services Quarterly

Making Strategic Decisions: Conducting and Using Research on the Impact of Sequenced Library Instruction, Kacy Lundstrom, Pamela N. Martin, and Dory Cochran; College & Research Libraries


Mitigating the Risk: Identifying Strategic University Partnerships for Compliance Tracking of Research Data and Publications, Andrea Payant, Betty Rozum, and Liz Woolcott; International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) satellite conference: Data in Libraries: The Big Picture


Populating Your Institutional Repository and Promoting Your Students: IRs and Undergraduate Research, Betty Rozum and Becky L. Thoms; Making Institutional Repositories Work


Partnering for Discoverability: Knitting Archival Finding Aids to Digitized Material Using a Low Tech Digital Content Linking Process, Liz Woolcott, Andrea Payant, and Sara Skindelien; Code{4}lib



ALA Midwinter 2015: Issues in Resource Sharing and Implementing a Tool for Tracking Electronic-resource Outages, Robert Heaton; Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship


Discussions on Technical Services Management and Data-driven E-resource Management at ALA Midwinter, Robert Heaton; Serials Review


An Information Literacy Snapshot: Authentic Assessment Across the Curriculum, W. Holliday, B. Dance, E. Davis, Britt A. Fagerheim, A. Hedrich, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; College and Research Libraries


Discovering Open Access Articles: Maximum Access, Maximum Visibility! A Report of the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section Program. American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, June 2014, Mavis B. Molto; American Library Association Annual Conference


We Have Only Scratched the Surface: The Role of Student Research in Institutional Repositories, Betty Rozum, Becky Thoms, Scott Bates, and Danielle Barandiaran; Creating sustainable community: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2015 Conference


Library user persona template, Mikkel Skinner and Alex Sundt

Copyright overview, Becky Thoms; Utah Library Association

Casting the players & finding our scripts: One academic library’s approach to staging OER in higher education, Becky Thoms, D. Cochran, and E. Davis; Charleston Conference

Research data management, Becky Thoms, R. Cummings, B. Fagerheim, and E. Smart; Utah Library Association

OER @ USU: A comprehensive approach, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Utah Academic Library Consortium Professional Development Retreat

Transitioning to open educational resources, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Empowering Teaching Exellence Conference

Laying the groundwork for a user-centered library with lean personas, Becky Thoms, E. Davis, and A. Sundt; Library and Information Technology Association

I have to do WHAT with my data?, Becky Thoms and B. Fagerheim; Training for Research Faculty Workshop Series

Open educational resources: Insights from foreign language directors, Becky L. Thoms and Joshua J. Thoms; System

Library copyright exemptions demystified: Understanding section 108, Becky Thoms, C. Myers, and N. Wise; BYU Copyright Symposium

The many faces of marketing, Becky Thoms and D. Pumphrey; Utah Library Association



Focusing on student research in the institutional repository, Danielle M. Barandiaran, Betty Rozum, and Becky L. Thoms; College & Research Library News

eResource Licensing: Who Cares?, Robert Heaton; Annual Meeting of the Utah Library Association, Sandy, UT


Librarians and Instructors Developing Student Learning Outcomes: Using Frameworks to Lead the Process, Kacy Lundstrom, Britt A. Fagerheim, and Elizabeth M. Benson; Reference Services Review

Library services & copyright, Becky Thoms and E. Davis; Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

Library services & copyright, Becky Thoms, E. Davis, and L. Brassaw; Faculty In-Service

Copyright, Becky L. Thoms; Extension Annual Conference

Data management in libraries: Policies, training, and new ideas, Becky L. Thoms, J. Belliston, and C. Soehner; Utah Library Association Annual Meeting

Open educational resources (OER) and foreign language (FL) education: Investigating the effects of OER on FL learning and teaching, Becky L. Thoms, C. Blyth, A. Rossomondo, F. Rubio, and S. Thorne; American Association for Applied Linguistics

Librarians as partners: Strategies for systematically embedding in online course development, Becky L. Thoms, Erin Davis, J. Hill, and B. Williams; Distance Library Services


Student research in the institutional repository: The tip of the iceberg, Becky L. Thoms and Betty Rozum; Center for Women and Gender Speaker Series


The NSF/NIH Effect: Surveying the Effect of Data Management Requirements on Faculty, Sponsored Programs, and Institutional Repositories, Cheryl D. Walters; Journal of Academic Librarianship

Review of Desert: Nature and Culture by Roslynn D. Haynes, Connie Woxland; Choice

Review of Flood: Nature and Culture by John Withington, Connie Woxland; Choice


Overview on Merrill-Cazier Library Regional Campuses and Distance Education Services & Resource, Erin Davis; Presentation to non tenure-track RCDE faculty

Reaching Our Distance & Online Learners, Erin Davis; Presentation USU RCDE faculty and Staff

Creating Time for Learning: Strategies for Flipping your Library Classroo, Erin Davis and K. Lundstrom; LILAC Annual Conference

E-Learning and the Library, Erin Davis and K. Lundstrom; The Institute for E-Learning Excellence

What Can I Use? What Can’t I Use? Copyright with Online Courses, Erin Davis and Becky L. Thoms; Online webinar for USU faculty


Teaching Our Faculty: Developing Copyright and Scholarly Communication Outreach Programs, Jennifer Duncan, Susanne Clement, and Betty Rozum; Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication


Revisiting interlibrary loan best practices: still viable?, Carol Kochan and Lars Leon; Interlending & Document Supply

Clearing Up Mixed Messages in Library Instruction, K. Lundstrom and Erin Davis; Finding a Public Voice: Using Barbara Fister as a Case Study


Merging Two Academic Libraries: Finding Unity from Diversity while Maintaining Institutional Identities, Betty Rozum and Lori Brassaw; Mergers and Alliances: The Operational View and Cases (Advances in Librarianship, Volume 37)


Undergraduates and Topic Selection: A Librarian’s Role, Flora Shrode


Content and Collaboration I: A Case Study of Bringing an Institutional Repository and a University Press Together, M Spooner and Andrew Wesolek; Library Publishing Toolkit

Copyright and intellectual property, Becky L. Thoms; Emporia State University MLS Program

Copyright and teaching, Becky L. Thoms; Institute for eLearning Excellence

An institutional open access policy: How we did it, and how you can do it too, Becky L. Thoms and Andrew Wesolek; Utah Library Association Annual Meeting


Who Uses this Stuff, Anyway? An Investigation of Who Uses the DigitalCommons@USU, Andrew Wesolek; The Serials Librarian


Content and Collaboration II: Opportunities to Host, Possibilities to Publish, Andrew Wesolek and M Spooner; Library Publishing Toolkit



The Mediterranean: What, Why, and How, Richard W. Clement; Mediterranean Studies

Look Mom, My Name’s in Print! Lessons Learned from Newly Published Librarian, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; American Library Association Conference

Publish or Perish: Honest Perspectives from Naïve Librarian, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and P. Martin; Utah Library Association Conference


Letter of Information, Anne Diekema, Cheryl D. Walters, and Andrew Wesolek


Mobile Technologies & Academics: Do Students Use Mobile Technology in their Academic Lives and are Librarians Ready to Meet this New Challenge?, Angela Dresselhaus and Flora Shrode; Information Technology and Libraries Preprint

When Students Look Sleepy: Making Research Relevant and Demanding, K. Lundstrom and Erin Davis; LOEX of the West


Renew, Reflect, Rejoice: Immersion to the Rescue, Pamela N. Martin and Erin Davis; College & Research Libraries News


Identifying Significant Changes in Serials with Title Changes in the Recognition of New Works, Mavis B. Molto; Library Resources & Technical Services

Sudden Selector’s Guide to Biology Resources, Flora Shrode

Fundraising (and alternatives) in a tough economy, Michael Spooner; Annual Conference of the Association of American University Presses

The changing face of scholarly communication: Libraries and presses transform the book, Michael Spooner; International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The Stroke and the Song: A folk group experiences music as therapy, Michael Spooner; Presentation at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto Japan


Wittgensteinian Support for Domain Analysis in Classification, Andrew Wesolek; Library Philosophy and Practice



Blended Libraries: Becoming One Family, Cheryl Adams, Lori Brassaw, Angela Dresselhaus, and Betty Rozum; Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge


Library and University Press Integration: A New Vision for University Publishing, Richard W. Clement; Journal of Library Administration

We’re All in This Together: Solutions for Creative Staffing, Erin Davis and H. Blackburn; The Frugal Librarian: Thriving in Tough Economic Times


Creating Effective Staff Development Committees: A Case Study, Erin L. Davis and Kacy Lundstrom; New Library World


Librarian Perceptions and Information Literacy Instruction Models, Erin L. Davis, Kacy Lundstrom, and Pamela N. Martin; Reference Services Review

For-Credit vs. Course Integrated: What is the Best Method to Reach Students, Erin Davis, K. Lundstrom, and S. Jackson; Utah Library Association Conference


Teaching Use of Digital Primary Sources for K-12 Settings, Anne R. Diekema, Heather Leary, Sheri Haderlie, and Cheryl D. Walters; D-Lib Magazine

Co-authorship, the next Step in the Interdisciplinary Turn, Robert Heaton; Intermountain Graduate Conference, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID

Shakespeare and Student-Centered Teaching: Richard III as a Case Study, Robert Heaton; Wooden O Symposium, Utah Shakespeare Festival. Cedar City, UT

Re-framing information literacy: Problem-based learning as informed learning, Wendy Holliday, Anne Diekema, and Heather Leary; Library and Information Science Research


Teaching with graduate instructors: Tips for a successful partnership, Kacy Lundstrom; College & Research Library News


The impact of social marketing strategies on the information seeking behaviors of college students., Kacy Lundstrom and Lisa O'Connor; Reference and User Services Quarterly


Characteristics of Serial Title Changes and Recognition of New Serial Works: Theoretical and Practical Implications, Mavis B. Molto; Serials Review


Seeds of Change: Farm Organizations in Depression and Post-War Utah, Robert Parson, John W. Walters, and Emily Gurr-Thompson; Utah Historical Quarterly

Digital Publishing at Utah State University Press, Michael Spooner; Annual Conference of Computers and Writing Association


Mormon History Materials: Utah State University Special Collections & Archives, Cheryl D. Walters


What Library School Didn’t Teach You, A. Breznay, Erin Davis, C. Jensen, and A. Juarez; Utah Library Association Conference


Scribal Practice in the Beowulf Manuscript, Richard W. Clement

Walking a Mile Uphill Both Ways: Teaching Information Literacy with Les, Erin Davis and H. Blackburn; ACRL/LLAMA Joint Spring Virtual Institute

Librarians Just Need to Have Fun, Erin Davis, T. Doherty, P. Van Zandt, and F. Yates; American Library Assocation Conference

Information Literacy: Taking the ‘I’ out of Instruction, Erin Davis, J. Eshleman, S. Hinnefeld, T. McGregor, and J. Zamostny; LOEX Annual Conference

Information Literacy: Taking the ‘I’ out of Instruction, Erin Davis, J. Hinnefeld, T. McGregor, and J. Zamostny; LOEX Conference Proceedings


A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee, Erin L. Davis; American Library Association


Collaborative Copyright--or Copyright is Not Just a Library Issue, Jennifer Duncan, Susanne Clement, and Betty Rozum; Charleston Conference

Reconciling Fate and Fortune in Romeo and Juliet through Shakespeare's Use of Metatheatrical Devices, Robert Heaton; Reconciling fate and fortune in Romeo and Juliet through Shakespeare’s use of metatheatrical devices. Paper presented at the Intermountain Graduate Research Symposium, Utah State University, Logan, UT .

The Gospel of Mark and the Validity of Narratorial Omniscience as a Critical Term, Robert Heaton; Literature and the Sacred, a Special Meeting Sponsored by the Office for the Study of Christian Values in Literature, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Instruction by the Numbers: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning, W. Holliday, Erin Davis, and P. Martin; Library Data: Empowering Practice and Persuasion

Beulah Marie Dix, Wendy Holliday; Women Film Pioneers Sourcebook


From Active Learning to Activity: Getting Beyond Busy Work and into Deep Learning, Wendy Holliday; Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU)

Olga Petrova, Wendy Holliday; Women Film Pioneers Sourcebook


Reference Desk Consultation Assignment: An Exploratory Study of Students' Perceptions of Reference Service, Pamela N. Martin and Lezlie Park; Reference & User Services Quarterly


An Entrepreneurial Approach to Librarianship, Flora G. Shrode, Jennifer R. Duncan, and Wendy Holliday; ACRL/LLAMA Spring Virtual Institute