The goal of ADVANCE is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women in all levels of faculty and academic administration, particularly at the senior academic ranks through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture. This project involves the implementation of a coordinated campus effort to achieve institutional transformation to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in the sciences and engineering at the Utah State University. Material found in the ADVANCE Library are from a variety of sources. These include newsletters, newspapers, articles, reports, handouts, bulletins, etc. and are not necessarily created at Utah State University.

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Keeping Kids Close: Campuses Provide Child-Care Centers to Help Professors Cope, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Rigid Tenure System Hurts Young Professors and Women, University Officials Say, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


2004 Fall Schedule of Classes; Utah State University


Best Practices Checklist for Running a Faculty Search: From Identification of Needs to Invitation to Interview; SERT Best Practices

Best Practices for a Successful Academic Search: Practical Tips & Resources for Recruiting & Selecting a Diverse Faculty; Advance at Utah State University


Data Points: Freewheeling; Science


Data Points: Gaping Void; Science

Developing Faculty into Institutional Leaders; What Works, What Matters, What Lasts

GSB Vol. 26, No.1; GSB

National Science Foundation ADVANCE Award; Academic Careers in Engineering & Science

On Campus with Women: Balancing Act; AACU

Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Faculty of Color; Keeping our Faculties III

Resources for Women and Minority Recruiting in Sciences and Engineering

Spouse/Partner Relocation Network; The University of Alabama at Birmingham

The 2004-2005 Functional Genomics Seed Grant Program; Center for Integrated BioSystems

The Best Time to Have a Baby: Institutional Resources and Family Strategies Among Early Career Sociologists; American Sociological Association

The GrantDoctor; AAAS

The PhD Project; Keeping our Faculties III


The Price of Family; Science


Transitional Support Pilot Program; Advance at Utah State University

U.S. Women Lead in Earning Doctorates; Women in Higher Education

Volume 33 No. 1; AWIS Magazine

Volume 33 No. 2; AWIS Magazine

Volume 33 No. 4; AWIS Magazine

Women in Higher Education Volume 13, No.4; Women in Higher Education

Working Mother; Working Mother

How Leadership and Diversity Promote Positive Educational Outcomes, James A. Anderson; Texas A&M University


Annual Life Sciences Salary Survey, Maria W. Anderson, Alexander Grimwade, and Theresa Tamkins; The Scientist


Tortoise with a Good Mate, Rachel Narehood Austin; Science Career

Time in Careers - Careers in Time, Lotte Bailyn; MIT


Men Are From Earth, and So Are Women. It's Faulty Research That Sets Them Apart, Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Negotiation Workshop, Lisa Barren; ADVANCE

Biography: Dr. Lisa Barren, Lisa Barron

The Administrative Job Chairperson Role, Lisa A. Barron; Advance Program

The Administrative Job Professor Role, Lisa A. Barron; Advance Program


Righting the Balance: Gender Diversity in the Geosciences, Robin E. Bell and Kim A. Kastens; EOS

College Science Depts. Slow to Hire Female Professors, Alison Bethel and Robin Buckson; The Detroit News

Title IX: Women are Catching up, But, Yudhijit Bhattacharjee; Science


The Best Place for Mothers?, Ingela Bjork; Science Careers


Academic Scientists at Work: Where'd My Day Go?, Jeremy M. Boss and Susan H. Eckert; Science

Changing the Talk We Walk: The Multicultural Awareness Project for Institutional Transformation (MAP IT), Patrick L. Bruch, Jeanne L. Higbee, Rashne R. Jehangir, and Kwabena Siaka; Keeping Our Faculties III Conference

So Few Pulsars, So Few Women, S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell; Science

A Good Man is Hard to Find, Jessica Calleja; Job Postings


Summary of Trix & Psenka Article, Ronda Roberts Callister; Advance at Utah State University


Mentorship and the New American University, Carlos Castillo-Chavez; Science Careers


Women Scientists Face Problems, Charles Q. Choi; The Scientist


Academic Work and Family Responsibility: A Balancing Act, Portia L. Cole and John W. Curtis; Science Careers

College Faculties Short of Women? , Lee Davidson; Deseret Morning News


Phil Dee on Daddying, Phil Dee; Science Careers


What We Waste When Faculty Hiring Goes Wrong, Kevin J. H. Dettmar; Chronicle of Higher Education


Ditch the Boyfriend, Elizabeth Fleer; Chronicle of Higher Education

A Review of the 2003 Literature, Lisa M. Frehill, Jammie Benton-Speyers, and Cecily Jeser Cannavale; Women in Engineering

Industry and Government Seek Native Americans for Tech Jobs, Lisa Furlong; Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology


Life-Work Balance. A Father Writes, David Greaves; Science Careers

Status Report on Women, Kate Haller, Joan A. Herbers, and William A. Baeslck III; Ohio State University


Obstacles to Female Full Professorship: Another Civil-Rights Issue, Diane Halpern; Monitor on Psychology

Public Policy, Work, and Families, Diane Halpern; American Psychological Association


Faculty Science Positions Continue to Elude Women of Color, Kendra Hamilton; Black Issues in Higher Education


Faculty Members Weigh In on the Gender Divide in Academia, S. Keith Hargrove, Richard B. Pierce, Stephanie Shonekan, and Teresa Reed; Black Issues in Higher Education

Minorities in Higher Education Annual Status Report, William B. Harvey; Keeping our Faculties III

ADVANCE Institutional Transformation, Beatriz Hernandez; University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Faculty Horizons: A Workshop for Aspiring STEM Faculty, Mary Ellen Jackson; UMBC


Having a Life and a Job Search Too!, Dave Jensen; Science Careers


On Becoming a Parent, Helmut Kae; Science Careers


The Joys of Leading an Academic Department, Mos Kaveh; Signal Processing Magazine


Parenting 101?, Kathryn Toy Knecht; Science Careers

Toolkits For Retention and Recruitment: Utilization and Outcomes, Sheila Edwards Lange and Joyce W. Yen; Keeping our Faculties III

Despite Gain in Degrees, Women Lag in Tenure in 2 Main Fields, Tamar Lewin; The New York Times

Research on Addressing Institutional Challenges in Science and Engineering to Increase Faculty of Color, Anne J. MacLachlan; Keeping our Faculties Conference

A Chair In Your Future, Barbara Mathias-Riegel; ASEE

Sample Grant Proposal, John McLaughlin; ADVANCE at Utah State University

ADVANCE VT, Mark G. McNamee; Virginia Tech


Final Report: Task Force on the Implications of the Evaluation of Faculty Productivity and Teaching Effectiveness, Peter Meiksins, David M. Gordon, Clarence Lo, Mary Senter, Ted Wagenaar, and Roberta Spalter-Roth; ASA Centennial


Male Sweep of New Award Raises Questions of Bias, Jeffrey Mervis; Science


NSF's Acting Chief Facing Legal Limit on Tenure, Jeffrey Mervis; Science


Notes From the Hiring Season, Frank Midler; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Faculty of Color, Bernard J. Milano; Keeping Our Faculties III Conference


Why Students Need Professors' Perspective on Family Issues, Donna Nelson; Science Careers

Work/Life Benefits: Not Just for Working Moms Anymore, Sharon O'Malley; Women in Higher Education


Wasted Talents - Women Scientists in Eastern and Central Europe, Elisabeth Pain; Science Careers

Congress Trims Money for Science Agency, Robert Pear; New York Times

Why Faculty Leave Case: Findings from Two Waves of Exit Surveys, Susan Perry, Xiang fen Liang, Shanna Beth McGee, and Patricia Higgins; CASE, Western Reserve University

The Double Shift: Managing Careers and Families, Sean Qualls; The Pennsylvania Gazette

Exploring Part-Time Tenure Track Policy at the University of Washington, Kate Quinn, Sheila Edwards Lange, and Eve Riskin; Final Report to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

ADVANCE Institutional Transformation, Idalia Ramos, Sara Benitez, and Lynette Rivera; University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

energeia ADVANCE, Mary Lynn Realff, Angela Shartar, and Jean L. Shumway; Georgia Institute of Technology


Science, Technology Professions Showing Mixed Progress for Women, Ronald Roach; Black Issues


Job Sharing on the Tenure Track, Julie Nicklin Rubley; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Game for Anything, Judd Ethan Ruggill and Ken S. McAllister; The Chronicle of Higher Education

A Brief Guide to Negotiating, Bernice R. Sandler

An Action Agenda for Improving Equity for Women, Bernice R. Sandler

Dealing With Computer Harassment, Bernice R. Sandler

Eighteen Ways for Faculty to Warm up the Chilly Climate, Bernice R. Sandler; Women's Research and Education Institute

Empowering Yourself as a Committee Member, Bernice R. Sandler

Faculty Evaluation, Bernice R. Sandler

Freedom of Speech in the Classroom, Bernice R. Sandler

Handling Sexual Harassment, Bernice R. Sandler

Handout List, Bernice R. Sandler

How Complaints can be Handled Informally, Bernice R. Sandler

How Men and Women Can Tell if Their Behavior is Sexual Harassment, Bernice R. Sandler