The goal of ADVANCE is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women in all levels of faculty and academic administration, particularly at the senior academic ranks through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture. This project involves the implementation of a coordinated campus effort to achieve institutional transformation to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in the sciences and engineering at the Utah State University. Material found in the ADVANCE Library are from a variety of sources. These include newsletters, newspapers, articles, reports, handouts, bulletins, etc. and are not necessarily created at Utah State University.

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How to Diffuse the Sexual Issue in a Mentoring Relationship, Bernice R. Sandler

How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Complaint: Passing the Hot Potato to Someone Else, Bernice R. Sandler

How to Warm up the Chilly Climate, Bernice R. Sandler; Women's Research and Education Institute

Intervening When Male Students Engage in Negative Behaviors Toward Women, Bernice R. Sandler

Intervening When you Observe Sexual Harassment or Offensive Behavior, Bernice R. Sandler

It's All in What You Ask - Questions for Search Committees, Bernice R. Sandler

Men & Women at Work or on Campus - Two Descriptions, Bernice R. Sandler

Responding to Complaints: Dangerous Words, Bernice R. Sandler

Success and Survival Strategies For Women Faculty Members, Bernice R. Sandler

Summaries of Handouts, Bernice R. Sandler

Ways in Which Men and Women May be Treated Differently, Bernice R. Sandler

What Students can do About the Chilly Climate, Bernice R. Sandler; The Chilly Classroom Climate: A Guide to Improve the Education of Women

Gender and the Faculty Evaluation Process: Reward or Punishment, Bernice Resnick Sandler, Lisa A. Silverberg, and Roberta M. Hall; The Chilly Classroom Climate: A Guide to Improve the Education of Women


Just Follow Your Heart: A 5-Year Journey, Petra Schrotz-King; Science Careers

Women and Profits: Return on Equity Improves with Gender Diversity, Patricia Sellers; Fortune

CASE: Academic Careers in Engineering &Science, Lynn Singer, John Angus, Mary Barkley, and Diana Bilimoria; Case Western Reserve University

Acceptance of Leaves Uncertain, Diane Stafford; Kansas City Star


When A Spousal Hire Becomes a Single Mom, Anne Trubek; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Faculty of Color in Academe, Caroline Sotello Turner, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, and Sharleen Chock; Arizona State University


Louts in the Lab, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Where The Elite Teach, It's Still A Man's World, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Women Underrepresented in Sciences at Top Research Universities, Study Finds, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Mastering the Bi-Cultural Dance: A Qualitative Study of the Experiences of African American Faculty Formerly Employed at a Predominantly White Institution, Sheree Wilson; Keeping Our Faculties of Color Conference

Leadership Development Workshops for Department Chairs, Joyce W. Yen, Sheila Edwards Lange, Denice D. Denton, and Eve A. Riskin; WEPAN


2003 Spring Schedule of Classes; Utah State University

2003 Summer Schedule of Classes; Utah State University

An Agenda for Excellence: Creating Flexibility in Tenure-Track Faculty Careers; American Council on Education


Engineering With a Social Conscience; Science

Grant to Bring Institutional Change, Advance Careers of Female Faculty; K-State


Guidelines for Promotion to Full Professor; Utah State University

Guidleines for Promotion to Full Professor; Utah State University College of Science

NSF ADVANCE Program for Institutional Transformation; Georgia Institute of Technology

Readings Related to the Tenure Review Process; Abstracts

The Leadership Program for Women

USU Child Care Handout


Utah State University Research Foundation; Utah State University Research Foundation

Volume 32 No. 4; AWIS Magazine

Year-End Report for ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Project; University of Michigan


Uneven Progress Is Found for Women on Princeton Science and Engineering Faculties, Karen W. Arenson; The New York Times


Academic Careers and Gender Equity: Lessons Learned From MIT, Lotte Bailyn; Gender, Work and Organization

Advance Your Interests Through Negotiaition, Lisa A. Barron; Advance Program

Help with Question about Gender and WAC, Charles Bazerman, Mike Palmquist, Linn Bekins, and Christine Hult

Microbiological Moms, Their Sisters and Brothers - The Give and Take, Marlene Belfort; ASM News


The Opt-Out Revolution, Lisa Belkin; The New York Times Magazine


The 5 Virtues of Successful Graduate Students, Thomas H. Benton; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Why Jamal Can't Get a Job, Patricia Briske; Chicago GSB


Study Offers Clues on Why Women Choose Medicine Over Engineering, J. Chamberlin; Monitor on Psychology


Real Men Don't Do Workshops, Paul M. Cohen; Chronicle of Higher Education

Examining the Problem of Underrepresentation Through a Study of Award-Winning Women Faculty, Jane Z. Daniels and Sue V. Rosser; AWIS Magazine


Academic Therapists, Piper Fogg; Chronicle of Higher Education


Family Time, Piper Fogg; Chronicle of Higher Education


So Many Committees, So Little Time, Piper Fogg; Chronicle of Higher Education

The Triumphs and Tribulations of a Multicultural Concerns Committee, David. L. Ghere; University of Minnesota

The 3Rs, Paula Gould; Institute of Physics & Daphne Jackson Trust


Space Dynamics Laboratory, J. Steven Hansen and Gayle Bowen; Utah State University


Faculty Development: The Role of the Chair in Developing Tenure-eligible and Tenured Faculty, Irene W.D. Hecht; Department Chair Online Resource Center


The Complexities of a Department, Irene W.D. Hecht; Department Chair Online Resource Center


Random Samples, Constance Holden; Science

Building Constituencies for Culture Change in Organizations by Linking Education and Intervention, Deborah Kolb; CGO


Using Supportive Communication to Foster the Department Head/Junior Faculty Relationship, David A. Latif; American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education


Princeton Study Strikes Sad But Familiar Chord, Andrew Lawler; Science


Research Methodolgies in Science Education: Gender and the Geosciences, Julie C. Libarkin and Josepha P. Kurziel; Journal of Geoscience Education


Numbers of Women Nudge up Slightly, Corinne A. Marasco; Chemical & Engineering News


NSF, Academics Told to Act as if They Mean it, Jeffrey Mervis; Science


Research Profile, Brent C. Miller; Utah State University

Using Meetings to Create Cohesion, Joan DeGuire North; Managing People: A Guide for Department Chairs and Deans

Barbie Meets Science, Frieda Ray; The Olympian

UW ADVANCE, Eve Riskin; University of Washington


Utah State University to Receive $55 Million in New Federal Funding, Lee Roderick; Utah State Today

An Enlightened Search Process Can Diversify Administration, Mary Ann Danowitz Sagaria; Women in Higher Education

Inside Clemson, Bernice R. Sandler

U. of California Settles Gender-Bias Lawsuit at Livermore Lab for 9.7 Million, Jeffrey Selingo; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Chicago: The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Dumas M. Simeus, Norman Bobins, Michael P. Polsky, and Immanuel Thangaraj; GSB


The Facts of Life for an Administrator and a Mother, Laura E. Skandera Trombley; The Chronicle Review


How to Write a Successful Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant Proposal, David K. Skelly; Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America

Study: Gender Stereotypes Remain at Duke, Jane Stancill; News Observer


Exploring the Color of Glass: Letters of Recommendation for Female and Male Medical Faculty, Frances Trix and Carolyn Psenka; Discourse & Society


Women Scientists: 9.3 Minutes of Fame?, J. D. Wagner and S. R. Caudill; Science


What Works for Women in Undergraduate Physics?, Barbara L. Whitten, Suzanne R. Foster, and Margaret L. Ducombe; Physics Today


How Babies Alter Careers for Academics, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


How Colleges Can Help Faculty Members With Children, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Wanted: Hispanic Professors, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Out of the Desert, Chris Woolston; Science Careers


2002 Fall Schedule of Classes; Utah State University

2002 Spring Schedule of Classes; Utah State University

2002 Summer Schedule of Classes; Utah State University

Helping you Balance Work Family Life; University of Michigan

Higher the Degree, Wider the Gender Pay Gap; New Hamshire Union Leader

Year-End Report for ADVANCE Project; University of Michigan

ScienceScope, Pallava Bagla, Jocelyn Kaiser, Jeffrey Mervis, and Andrew Lawler; Science


Women in Science, Engineering and Technology: A Review of the Issues, Diane Bebbington; Higher Education Quarterly


Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Factors Affecting Women's Advancement in to Upper Management, Rebecca J. Bennett; Academy of Management Executive

On Running a Faculty Search: Doing the Job Right, Seth Bigelow, Haruhiko Itagaki, and E. Raymond Heithaus

Statement by the Provost, Robert A. Brown; MIT


Confronting the Limits of Success, Jon Cohen; Science


An Exploratory Model of Filtering in Administrative Searches, Mary Ann Danowitz Sagaria; The Journal of Higher Education

International Programs Cover Page Addendum, Alvan C. Hengge; University of Agriculture

Reports of the Committees on the Status of Women Faculty, Nancy Hopkins, Lotte Bailyn, Lorna Gibson, and Evelynn Hammonds; MIT


Few Women Win New Academic Chairs, Wayne Kondro; Science


The Educational Pipelinie for Women in Biology: No Longer Leaking?, Louise Luckenbill-Edds; BioScience