The goal of ADVANCE is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women in all levels of faculty and academic administration, particularly at the senior academic ranks through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture. This project involves the implementation of a coordinated campus effort to achieve institutional transformation to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in the sciences and engineering at the Utah State University. Material found in the ADVANCE Library are from a variety of sources. These include newsletters, newspapers, articles, reports, handouts, bulletins, etc. and are not necessarily created at Utah State University.

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AAUP Issues Statement on Family Responsibilities and Academic Work, Stacey Merola and Roberta Spalter-Roth; ASA


Can Equality in Sports be Repeated in the Lab?, Jeffrey Mervis; Science

Animal Behaivor Society, Emily C. Omana


The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, Steven Pinker; The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature

An Expoloratory Model of Filtering in Administrative Searches, Mary Ann Danowitz Sagaria; The Journal of Higher Education

The Scouting Way, Sandra Schwartz and Jeff Schwartz; The Scouting Way: A Daily Guide to Living with Scout Values


The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coaches, Roger Schwarz; The Skilled Facilitator: A Comprehensive Resource for Consultants, Facilitators, Managers, Trainers, and Coaches

Tips for Getting Funding from the Animan Behavior Program at NSF, Kim Sullivan; Animal Behavior Society


Providing the Killer Perk, William C. Symonds; BusinessWeek


Diversifying the Faculty: A Guidebook for Search Committees, Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner; Diversifying the Faculty: A Guidebook for Search Committees


Creating the Engaged Department, Jon F. Wergin; The Department Chair

Women Faculty Equity Issues Resonate at Other Universities, Sarah Wright; MIT News


Child Care: Good Enough?; Working Mother


Child Care Needs Survey Report; University Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions; OFCCP

Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions; WISELI- Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison

Welcome to CORED; The Commission on Racial/Ethnic Diversity, Penn State

Starting Work/Life Programs: Employers First Steps, Nancy Burkhalter, Pamela Allen, and Frank Zyber; Women's Bureau Conference Call


Project Summary, Anthony Chen; Utah State University

The 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers, Annie Finnigan; Working Mother Magazine

Ten Steps to an Equal Pay Self-Audit for Employers, Irasema T. Garza; The Women's Bureau


Sowing the Seeds of Change, Hilary Marshall; Science Careers


Survey Shows Salary Gap Between Men and Women in the Life Sciences, Scott Smallwood; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Women in the Academiy: Largely Without Tenure, Cathy Ann Trower


Women Without Tenure, Part 1, Cathy Ann Ann Trower; Science Careers


Life's Work: Generational Attitudes toward Work and Life Integration; Radcliffe

Summary of Recent Studies on Wage Gap Between Men and Women Professors; American Association of University Professors

The Campus Marketplace; Grand Rapids Press

The Status of Women at Purdue University; Purdue University

Glass Ceiling' Still Exists, Genaro C. Armas; The Associate Press


Women Are Advancing in Workplace, Genaro C. Armas; The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Team-Based Professional Development: An Emphasis on Collaboration and Cooperation, Thomas Billesbach, Betty J. Bush, Marcus Gillespie, Diane Kruger-Rameh, and Max Ruhl; The Department Chair


A Half-Time Tenure Track Proposal, Robert Drago and Joan Willimas; Change


Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology, Henry Etzkowitz, Carol Kemelgor, and Brian Uzzi; Athena Unbound: The Advancement of Women in Science and Technology

Facts About Female Faculty, Clarice Evans; American Association of University Professors

Professors' 'Gender Gap' Widening men earn $10,959 More Than Women on Faculties, Tim Foster; Denver Rocky Mountain News

References on Chilly Climate for Women Faculty in Academe, Jennifer Freyd; University of Oregon


Dressed for Success?, Hilary Marshall; Science Careers

In Search of Academic Leadership, Stephen Marshall, Moya Adams, and Alison Cameron; aset herdsa


Conversation Peace: Building Leadership Collaboratively, Veda McClain; The Department Chair


NSF Searches for Right Way to Help Women, Jeffrey Mervis; Science


A Modest Manifesto for Shattering the Glass Ceiling, Debra E. Meyerson and Joyce K. Fletcher; Harvard Business Review

APA Women in Higher Education: Claiming Visibility and Voice Executive Summary, Yolanda T. Moses, Sara Nieves-Squires, and Shirley Hune; AAC&U

English Instructor Cites Gender Bias as Reason for Tenure Denial, Rene Olivas; Aggie News


Women Full Professors, Michael A. Petersen and David R. Colvin; Utah State University

FMI Awards for Fiscal 1999 and 2000 Were Not Biased Against Female Faculty, Ali I. Saad; California State University


Female Scientists Turn Their Backs on Jobs at Research Universities, Alison Schneider; The Chronicle of Higher Education


U. of Oregon Settles Tenure Lawsuit Over Maternity Leave, Alison Schneider; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Strategies to Achieve a Diverse Faculty and Staff, Mary S. Spangler and Cathleen Wixon; AAHEA Bulletin

Advancing Women: Annotated Bibliography, Virginia Valian; Annotated Bibliography



Provost Announces Three Benefits Changes; The Havard Gazette

Words of Advice from Chairs and Deans; Department Chair Online Resource Center

Work-Family Policies and Programs at Georgia Tech: Current Status and Recommendations; Georgia Tech


Fair and Square - Equal Payment for Male and Female Employees, Marc Adams; HR Magazine


Academic Angst, Erica C. Barnett; The Austin Chronicle

Women Faculty Still Hitting the Wall on the Tenure Track, Jordan J. Cohen; Reporter

National Study Highlights University Gender Bias, Ross Hanig; Aggie News


A Study on the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; The MIT Faculty Newsletter

Female Professors Still Face Biaises in Tenure and Promotion, Mark Reutter; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Women at UT Less Likely to Get Tenure, High Pay, Report says, Mary Ann Roser; Cox News Service

How to Defuse the Sexual Issue in a Mentoring Relationship, Bernice R. Sandler; About Women on Campus


The Impact of Gender on the Review of the Curricula Vitae of Job Applicants and Tenure Candidates: A National Empirical Study, Rhea E. Steinpreis; Sex Roles


Work-Family Backlash: Begging the Question, What's Fair?, Mary B. Young; The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science


Average Salaries Survey; National Center for Education Statistics

Planning for Space and Locatiion

Policy on the Use of Anonymous Student Questionnaires in the Evaluation of Teaching; CAUT

Quick Tables and Figures; Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, Salaries Survey


Disparities in the Salaries and Appointments of Academic Women and Men, Ernst Benjamin; Academe

The Status of Women on the Stanford Faculty: Report to the Faculty Senate, Paula Findlen, Estelle Freedman, Nancy Kollmann, and Cecilia Ridgeway; Stanford University


Organizational Variations in Women Scientists' Representation in Academia, Stephen Kulis; Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department, Deryl R. Learning; Print Publications


Family-Friendly Leave Policies for Federal Employees; U.S. Office of Personnel Management Compensation Fund


Unexpected Connections: Considering Employees' Personal Lives Can Revitalize Your Business, Lotte Bailyn, Joyce K. Fletcher, and Doborah Kolb; Sloan Management Review


Subtle Sexism: Current Practice and Prospects for Change, Nijole V. Benokraitis; Subtle Sexism: Current Practice and Prospects for Change

Perspectives on Leading an Academic Department, Maury Cotter; UW - Madison

The Tenure Trap: There are Only Slightly More Women on America's College Faculties Today Than There Were in the 1920's. That's Why They Are Taking Their Cases to Court, John Davidson; Working Woman


Nepotism and Sexism in Peer-Review, Christine Wennerds and Agnes Wold; Nature

Berkeley Settles a Landmark Sex-Bias Case, Catherine Yang; Business Week



The Effects of Gender Composition in Academic Departments on Faculty Turnover, Pamela S. Tolbert, Tal Simons, Alice Andrews, and Jaehoon Rhee; Industrial and Labor Relations Review


Charges of Discrimination; Association for Women in Mathematics

Grievance about the Tenure Review; Association for Women in Mathematics

Women at Virginia Tech; Virginia Tech

Fighting for Tenure: The Jenny Harrison Case Opens Pandora's Box of Issues About Tenure, Discrimination, and the Law, Allyn Jackson; Notices



Women as Mentors: Myths and Commandments, Bernice R. Sandler; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Blame it on Feminism, Susan Faludi; Mother Jones


Women Faculty at Work in the Classroom, or, Why it Still Hurts to be a Woman in Labor, Bernice Resnick Sandler; Communication Education


Tenure Narratives, Edward Bruner; Anthropology Newsletter


Hollenshead Chairs Advisory Commission on Women's Issues, Carol Hollenshead; The University of Michigan, Center for the Education of Women

The Academic Revolving Door: Why Do Women Get Caught, Diane K. Rausch; CUPA



A Worksheet for Authorship of Scientific Articles, Robert H. Schmidt; Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America



Letter to Dr. Joan McFadden, Anne Hatch; Utah State University


Letter to Social Services Committee, Anne Hatch; Utah State University


Letter to USU Status of Women Committee



Status of Women Committee Meeting; Utah State University



USU Status of Women News, Volume IV, Issue 1; USU Status of Women Committee


Status of Women Committee, Helen Lundstrom, Karen Morse, Jane Lott, and Alison Thorne; UMC



USU Status of Women News, Volume III, Issue 1; USU Status of Women Committee


USU Status of Women News, Volume III, Issue 2, July; USU Status of Women Committee


USU Status of Women News, Volume III, Issue 3; USU Status of Women Committee