The goal of ADVANCE is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women in all levels of faculty and academic administration, particularly at the senior academic ranks through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture. This project involves the implementation of a coordinated campus effort to achieve institutional transformation to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in the sciences and engineering at the Utah State University. Material found in the ADVANCE Library are from a variety of sources. These include newsletters, newspapers, articles, reports, handouts, bulletins, etc. and are not necessarily created at Utah State University.

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ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award; University of Rhode Island

Advancing the Careers of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; University of Rhode Island

A Planning Manual for Colleges and Universities


Best Practicers Checklist for Running a Faculty Search; SERT


Boilerplate Possibilities for Job Advertisements; Utah State University

Breaking into the Men's Club

Candidate Evaluation Matrix


Checklist for Promotion and Tenure committee Chairs; Department of Management and Human Resources

College and University Work Family Association; College and University Work, Family Association


Come Prepare for Your Future; Utah State University

Department Transformation Program; Advance at Utah State University


Diversity at USU; Utah State University


Ecology Center; Utah State University

Family-Friendly Policies in Higher Education; The Center for the Education of Women


From the USU Colleges ( Agriculture, Science, Natural Resources, Engineering) Targeted by Advance; Advance at Utah State University


Guidelines on Searches for Senior Faculty Members or Administration; Utah State University

How Babies Affect Tenure ; UC

Institutionalization: Implementation by Institutional Context; WISELI, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Institutional Transformation for Faculty Diversity; NSF ADVANCE University of Texas at El Paso

Instructional Technology

Join the Faculty of Walden University; Walden University

Meeting the Challenge for a Diverse Academy; Now is the Time

Mothers Do Much Better in Reduced-Hour Jobs

National Science Foundation Criterion I and II; NSF

NSF ADVANCE; University of Michigan

Portfolio Preparation


Project Summary; SANDEE


Protecting Your Technology; Utah State University


Research Resources; Utah State University

Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions; WISELI


Sample Position Announcement; Utah State University


Spins and Smarts Notes; Utah State University

The Academic Workforce and Dual Ladder Clearinghouse; UC Davis

The Difference Between Men and Womenat the Office

The MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life; MIT


Think..Discovery; Utah State University

UC Davis Work Life Balance Resources; UC Davis


University Undergraduate Research Fellows; Utah State University

Vice President for Research Faculty Research Support

Working with Department Chairs; Kansas State University ADVANCE

Research & Action Report, Susan McGee Bailey; Research Action & Report


Multicultural Life at USU, Moises Diaz; Utah State University


Consortium for the Professional Development of Native Americans in Natural and Earth Sciences at Utah State University, Mary Feng; Advance at Utah State

Gender Differences in Major Federal External Grant Programs, Susan D. Hosek

Interactive Theater as a Multicultural Change Agent in Faculty Development, Diana Kardia, A.T. Miller, and Jeffrey Steiger; CRLT

Diversity Blueprint: A Planning Manual for Colleges and Universities, Jerry Lewis, Beverly Greenfeig, and Barbara Goldberg; University of Maryland-College Park & Association of American Colleges and Universities

Inner Life, Mary Mohler

Your Best Hire May be Your Former Student, Gerald Monk

Vital Variables, Feminist Consciousness, and Insider/Outsider Status in Social Action Research: Confessions From a Feminist Empiricist Project, Joyce McCarl Nielson, Robyn Marschke, Elisabeth Sheff, and Patricia Rankin; University of Colorado


What's New at Sponsored Programs, Dennis J. Paffrath; Utah State University


Getting Grants at the National Science Foundation, Jim Powell, Kim Sullivan, and Anne Anderson; Utah State University


Tri-Council for Gender Programs: History, Carol Strong, Pamela Riley, and Janet Osborne; Utah State University

Stereotyping of Science in the Primary School Years, Athena Unbound; Gender, Sex and Science

Who Belongs at Harvard?, Virginia Valian; Hunter College


Dual-Career Academic Couples: What Universities Need to Know; Clayman Institute for Gender Research

Vision 2004-2008; Science Foundation Ireland


How to Recruit and Promote Minority Faculty: Start by Playing Fair, Jonathan R. Alger; Issues in Higher Education


Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Kristine De Welde, Sandra Laursen, and Heather Thiry; Fact Sheet


Get to Work: And Get a Life, Before It's Too Late, Linda R. Hirshman; Get to Work: And Get a Life, Before It's Too Late

Campus Work/Life Policies: Moving from Policy to Practice, Mary Lou Santovec; Women in Higher Education


Where Have All the Women Gone?, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Education & Outreach; Science Foundation Ireland

Gender/Minority Bias in Hiring and Advancement of Women/Minorities; Annotated/Abstract Bibliography by Category

Secondary Teacher Assistant Researchers (STARs) Programme; Science Foundation Ireland


Spring 2006, Issue No.2

Swe 2005-06 Yearbook of People, Programs & Events; SWE: Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers

The ADVANCE Newletter for USU Faculty; Utah State University

Volume 35, Number 1; Association for Women in Science

Volume 35, Number 3; Association for Women in Science

Young Women in Engineering; Science Foundation Ireland Scholarship 2006


Does Gender Matter?, Ben A. Barres; Nature


Balance it Out, Greta Bennett; The Chronicle of Higher Education

How do we Know That Our Executive Coaching Interventions Are Working?, Diana Bilimoria and Susan R. Perry; ACES- Case Western Reserve University

University Delves into Disparity of Women, Lisa Carricaburu; The Salt Lake Tribune

Institutions Hinder Female Academics, Panel Says, Cornelia Dean; The New York Times

Women in Science: The Battle Moves to the Trenches, Cornelia Dean; The New York Times

Strategies to Increase Gender Equity on a Rural Campus, Elizabeth Leigh Farrington; Women in Higher Education

Women's Resource Center, Sandrea Gonzales; University of New Mexico


Science and the Gender Gap, Barbara Kantrowitz and Julie Scelfo; Newsweek

The Wage Gap for Women, Debra Katz and Justine F. Andronici; AlterNet


The X-Gals Alliance, Lucille Louis; Chronicle of Higher Education

Developing Scientific Leaders, Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko; The GEP Sponsorship Program

Disparate Effect' on Women Could End the Tenure System, Elizabeth Mooney O'Callaghan; Women in Higher Education

Mentoring and Institutional Transformation: A Formalized Mentoring for STEM faculty, Tracy M. Sterling, Lisa M. Frehill, Pamela Hunt, and Cecily Jeser-Cannavale; New Mexico State University


Organizing Around Gender Equity, Martha S. West and John W. Curtis; AAUP Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006


"Opt Out" or Pushed Out?: How the Press Covers Work/Family Conflict, Joan C. Williams, Jessica Manvell, and Stephanie Bornstein; The Center for WorkLife Law


A Hothouse for Female Scientists, Robin Wilson; The Chronicle of Higher Education


2004-05 Yearbook of People, Programs & Events; SWE: Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers

2005 PEA Scholarships; Professional Employee Association


Career Development Pilot Program; Advance at Utah State University

Changing the Demographics: Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing Women Scientists in Academia; Earth Institute Advance Program, Columbia University

Competition is Not a Dirty Word

Faculty Pay Rise at Public Universities Falls Behind Inflation, Private Colleges; NASULGO

Gender Equity: Third Annual Report; ALMANAC

Gender/Minority Bias in Hiring and Advancement of Women/Minorities; Annotated/Abstract Bibliography

Guidleines for Promotion to Full Professor; Utah State University College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Harvard U. President's Remarks About Women and Science Draws More Criticism-This Time, From Peers; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Helping Women Get to the Top; The Economist

How Women Lead; Newsweek

Important Facts About Searches, Diversity, and Decision Strategies; Advance at Utah State