The goal of ADVANCE is to contribute to the development of a national science and engineering academic workforce that includes the full participation of women in all levels of faculty and academic administration, particularly at the senior academic ranks through the transformation of institutional practices, policies, climate and culture. This project involves the implementation of a coordinated campus effort to achieve institutional transformation to increase the participation and advancement of women faculty in the sciences and engineering at the Utah State University. Material found in the ADVANCE Library are from a variety of sources. These include newsletters, newspapers, articles, reports, handouts, bulletins, etc. and are not necessarily created at Utah State University.

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Increased Diversity of Applicat Pools Maintains High Quality Faculty; UM PACE

Ireland Funds Great Research: Maybe It's Your Turn; Science Foundation Ireland

Negotiation books to Read

Princeton Changes Tenure Policy To Stem 'Mommy Trap'; Diverse Online

Program Development at the University of New Mexico; SIROW

Quality Through Diversity; UM PACE

Research on Gender in Science and Engineering

RISE Program Proves that Undergraduate Research Experiences Help Recruit Minority Scientists; National Science Foundation

SACNAS News Fall 2005; Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science

SACNAS News Summer 2005; SACNAS News

Science Foundation Ireland; Science Foundation Ireland

SFI Research Frontiers Programme; Science Foundation Ireland


The Blind Decision-Maker; Science

The Chair as Leader; Department Chair Online Resource Center

The Gender Gap: The Latest Research Shatters Old Myths and Lingering Biases about Which Sex is Superior in Science; Time

USU PEA March Newsletter

Volume 26, Number 2; Wellesley Centers for Women

Volume 34, Number 3; Association for Women in Science

Volume 34, Number 4; Association for Women in Science

Where Can I Find Help for Learning the Job?; American Council on Eduction

Women in Higher Education Volume 14, No.1; Women in Higher Education


Missing the Point at Harvard, Anne Applebaum; The Washington Post


Little Advance is Seen in Ivies' Hiring of Minorities and Women, Karen W. Arenson; The New York Times


Positions and Interests, Lisa Barron; Utah State University

SACNAS News, Tanya Beat; SACNAS

Grant Awarded by NSF, Joanne Bentley

Grant Proposal Writing, Joanne Bentley; Grant Proposal Writing


Harvard Creates New Task Forces on Women in Science, Yudhijit Bhattacharjee; Science


NSF Gender Snoops on Campus, Yudhijit Bhattacharjee; Science


Princeton Resets Family-Friendly Tenure Clock, Yudhijit Bhattacharjee; Science

A Woman's Place in the Lab, Marcella Bombardieri; The Boston Globe


Reduced Load Lets Faculty Meld Family, Tenure Track, Marcella Bombardieri; The Boston Globe

Summers' Remarks on Women Draw Fire, Marcella Bombardieri; The Boston Globe

Who Cares?: Building Cross-Sector Partnerships for Family Care, Ann Bookman, Susan Cass, and Stephanie Davolos-Harden; Table of Contents

Faculty Forum Topic in SL Tribune, Arrin Newton Brunson; The Salt Lake Tribune

USU Weighs Same-Sex Benefits, Arrin Newton Brunson; The Salt Lake Tribune


Go Ahead, Haggle, Rebecca A. Bryant and Amber Marks; Chronicle of Higher Education

Utah Among Highest in Gender Gap, Thomas Burr; The Salt Lake Tribune


Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Science and Engineering, Maureen Byko; JOM


Star Search, Nanette Byrnes; Business Week


His Brain, Her Brain, Larry Cahill; Scientific American Magazine


The Promotable Woman, Norma Carr-Ruffino; The Promotable Woman


Psychology: A Sliding Scale, G. J. C.; Science

For Some Girls, The Problem With Math Is That They're Good at It, Cornelia Dean; The New York Times

Faculty Group Rebukes Harvard President With Vote, Jonathan Finer; Washington Post


"Teetering on the Family Friendly Edge": Discrimination Against Mothers in Academia, Charlotte Fishman; Common Dreams

How to Have Conversations on Campus That Matter, Mary Jane Guy; Women in Higher Education


Navigating the New Subtleties of Sex Discrimination Cases in Academe, Pamela Haag; Chronicle of Higher Education


More Women in Science, Jo Handelsman, Nancy Cantor, Molly Carnes, Denice Denton, Eve Fine, Barbara Grosz, Virginia Hinshaw, Cora Marrett, Sue Rosser, Donna Shalala, and Jennifer Sheridan; Science


Why Are There Fewer Women in Engineering?, Sue Ellen Haupt; Antennas and Propagation Magazine

Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment, Susan D. Hosek, Amy G. Cox, Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, and Aaron Kofner; RAND

How's the Climate on Your Campus, Christine Hult; Academic Leader


Asian Scientists and the "Glass Ceiling", Mien-Chie Hung, Kenneth Fong, and Joseph K-K. Li; Science


The Gender Similarities Hypothesis, Janet Shibley Hyde; American Psychologist

Gender Differences Among Contingent Faculty, Elizabeth Ivey, Chin-fang Weng, and Cordelia Vahadji; AWIS Magazine


NIH Gives Less to Women, Study Finds, Jennifer Jacobson; Chronicle of Higher Education


Dressing the Part, Pamela Johnston; Chronicle of Higher Education


When Women Lead, Barbara Kantrowitz and Vanessa Juarez; Newsweek

Earth & Space Science PhDs, Class of 2003, Brad Keelor, Cindy Martinez, and Karen Kaleuati; AGU

Cornell University Provost's Academic Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Barbara Knuth; Cornell University


Animal Rules Keep Grad Students Out of the Lab, Wayne Kondro; Science


New Funding Schemes Aim to Retain Top Academic Talent, Wayne Kondro; Science

Aptitude Aplenty, Kathy Lally; Washington Post

Stealthy Attitudes, Craig Lambert; Harvard Magazine

The Gap: University barriers are toppling - slowly, Greg Lavine and Sheena McFarland; The Salt Lake Tribune

The Gap, Ronnie Lynn; The Salt Lake Tribune

Balancing Family and Career: One Issue That Impacts the Recruitment and Retention of Female and Minority Faculty, Jennifer Ma; TIAA-CREF Institute

Grant Writing Workshop, John McLaughlin and Wick R. Miller; Official Document Summary Sheet

ADVANCE VT: Progress Report Years One and Two, Mark G. McNamee; Virginia Tech


'I Think Kick-Starting the Process is Very Important', Marcia K. McNutt; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Gender equity in Universities to be Discussed at The University of Texas at Austin , Robert D. Meckel; The University of Texas at Austin


Don't Be Docile, Ms. Mentor and Emily Toth; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Saying "I'm Sorry", Mary Mohler; Ladies' Home Journal


Undergrad Research, Mary-Ann Muffoletto; Utah State Today

ADVANCE Institutional Transformation for Faculty Diversity, Diana Natalico; The University of Texas at El Paso

Diversity in the Life Sciences, Ivan Oransky; The Scientist


Diversity in the Life Sciences, Ivan Oransky and Anne Harding; The Scientist

ADVANCE University of Rhode Island: Enhancing the Academic Careers of Women in STEM, Lynn Pasquerella, Laura Gostin, Helen Mederer, and Ashima Singh; University of Rhode Island

Gender Equity Project, Vita Rabinowitz and Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko; GEP Review

About the LEAP Project, Patricia Rankin; LEAP


Education: Steering Girls into Science, Julie Rawe; Time


The Price of Indifference, Henry Raymond; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Who Says A Woman Can't Be Einstein?, Amanda Ripley; Time

Liberal Education, Carol Geary Schneider, Mitchell J. Chang, George D. Kuh, and Paul D. Umbach; AACU


Reproductive Success for Working Scientists, Gail M. Simmons; The Chronicle of Higher Education

What Works for Academic Moms and Dads: Targeted Versus Universalistic Policies, Roberta Spalter-Roth and William Erskine; Annual Meeting of the College University/Family Association


Sex Differences in Intrinsic Aptitude for Mathematics and Science?: A Critical Review, Elizabeth S. Spelke; American Psychologist


Becoming a More Productive Researcher, Jason Stone; The Chronicle of Higher Education


'My Commitment and Passion for My Science Is a Part of Me', Karen B. Strier; The Chronicle of Higher Education

Remarks at NBER Conference on Diversifying the Science & Engineering Workforce, Lawrence H. Summers; The Office of the President, Harvard University

Letter from the Editor, Betty Tableman; Michigan State University


2004-2005 Faculty Survey Institutional Profile, Utah State University


The TICKING of the Biological and Tenure Clocks, Patricia Valdata; Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Advancing Gender Equity: How Campus Leaders Can Help, Virginia Valian; Women in Higher Education


Raise Your Hand if You're a Woman in Science, Virginia Valian; The Washington Post


The Complete Academic Search Manual: A Systematic Approach to Successful and Inclusive Hiring, Lauren A. Vicker and Harriette J. Royer; The Complete Academic Search Manual: A Systematic Approach to Successful and Inclusive Hiring


Mysterious Disappearance of Female Investigators, Darach Watson; Nature


Pipeline to Pathways: New Directions for Improving the Status of Women on Campus, Judith S. White; Liberal Education


'You Just Had to Get a Thick Skin...', Ellen D. Williams; The Chronicle of Higher Education


Are Your Parental-Leave Policies Legal?, Joan Williams; The Chronicle of Higher Education