In this series are records for grants awarded to Utah State University researchers. Many records supply the Data Management Plan, and all records have a “Primary Metadata Document” which lists the publications and datasets that have been produced as a result of the grant. Records for research products can be located in DigitalCommons@USU.

This is a component of the partnership between the Office of Research and Graduate Studies and the Library to facilitate access to access to data from publicly funded research, which is explained on the RDMS site If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Research Data Librarian Betty Rozum, 435-797-2632

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Establishment of Native Grasses, Legumes, and Forbs in Disturbed Rangelands using Siberian Wheatgrass, Eric Thacker

Determine if Eriogonum soredium is a genetically distinct species from E. shockleyi, Paul G. Wolf



CAREER: Thermochronometric and textural signatures of fault damage zones and stimulating middle school student interest in earthquake science, Alexis Ault

Mechanisms of Type III Secretion System ATPase Activation and Regulation, Nicholas E. Dickenson


Electrocatalytic Valorization of Biomass Intermediates via 1st-Row Transition Metal Electrocatalysts, Yujie Sun


CAREER: Advocating for Engineering through Hidden Curricula: A Multi‐Institutional Mixed Method Approach, Idalis Villanueva


Engaging Educational Professionals Towards Training the Next Generation within the Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Career Areas, Tyson Sorensen


NRT: Graduate Climate Adaptation Research that Enhances Education and Responsiveness of science at the management-policy interface (Grad-CAREER), Nancy Huntly